Profile: Marine engineer and naval architect Giuseppe Morabito

November 28, 2011 by navalesud
Marine engineer and naval architect Giuseppe Morabito
Services/Goods Offered: surveying
Languages: English
Operating Locations: Italy

The naval and mechanical study NAVALE SUD INGEGNERIA, located in South of Italy, was born with the need to provide technical support and advice to companies operating in the marine sector, in particular, and in the engineering sector in general.
The goal of the naval engineering study is to meet various technical requirements that may arise when operating in an environment like the sea.
The Naval Architect and Naval Engineer Giuseppe Morabito is the chief of the study and works with other engineers in full cooperation and with maximum efficiency. Ready to propose to Customers personal solutions.
The engineering know-how and experience in major shipyards of South Italy distinguish the professional life of the study.

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  1. navalesud

    navalesud on November 28, 2011

    Naval Engineering

    Assistance to purchase.
    Hydrostatics, Hydrodynamics Calculations power and speed forecasts.
    Survey Party for Legal Purposes.
    Design (mechanical, structural, plant).
    Design of repairs resulting from damage (mechanical, structural, plant).
    Planning and supervision of model tests.
    Planning, design and supervision of naval transformations.
    Production of safety manuals.
    Surveys and sea trials.
    Monitoring during construction.
    Studies of technical and commercial feasibility.
    Supervision during testing.

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