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News: Mariotti Yachts Ready For Mega Yacht Projects

March 24, 2010 by Superyacht News
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Mariotti Yachts renowned for their performance worldwide have recently introduced a facility which allows construction of yachts up to 65m long. The company has invested a stupendous amount of 9 million Euros to develop the facility. In addition to this, Mariotti Yachts prides itself in having a stunning portfolio of ongoing projects ranging from 54-85 meters.

Dating back to its history, Mariotti has been very famous for ship refits and modifications, luxury shipbuilding and mega yacht projects. Since past eighty years, the company has been using exclusive craftsmanship to make some beautiful creations.

Temistocle Mariotti, a ship repairer, laid the foundation stone of the company in 1928. Later, in 1950s, Mariotti received several extraordinary projects paving way for its continued success. The cargo vessels and passenger liners were the first projects for Mariotti, where it leveraged on its multitude years of past experience towards the direction of luxury cruise ship building in 1994.

At present, the third generation of this family is running the powerful company. While deriving support from some of the world’s best and elite architects and designers, Mariotti Yachts exude elegance and are performance oriented.

The latest services in Genova, Italy are proud to earn the highest rankings. Moreover, in 2008, Mariotti build its first yacht recognized by RINA. All the yachts sailing from this shipyard have the Green Star certification – known to be the chief rating given to ships that are environmentally friendly with reference to air and water. Every Mariotti Yachts consist of state-of-the-art wastewater treatment equipment particularly made to lower the air and sea pollutants.

Presently, the duo – Marco Bisagno, president of Mariotti Yachts and Paolo Zanetti, CEO together manages the company which boasts of the exclusive skills, while holding up-to-date knowledge on all the recent technological innovations and retaining the motto of making the extraordinary and legendary luxurious ships.

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