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February 22, 2009 by sbacalja
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Industry: Yacht Charter
Year Established: 2004
Languages: English
Operating Locations: Adriatic Sea

We are pleased to introduce our new service. Maritimus is appointed by several well known Croatian Yacht charter companies to act as their broker. What this mean to you. You will have wide choice of different boats on one place. You don’t have to jump from one web site to another looking for free boat or moderate price. We will do this for you. If you are looking for boat which is not on our list-no problem. We have good connection in Croatian yacht charter community and we will find boat for you. Your next question probably will be how much Maritimus is charging for the service. This is the best part for our customers. Service is free of charge. We are giving you guarantee that if you will approach Charter company directly price will be the same. We are modern, well organized but sometime traditional company. In spite of good results declared by different companies and saving in opex we are not friendly with automatic online booking. We still believe that our customer feel more comfortable communicating with our personnel than with machine. By clicking pictures or text on left side you will be transferred to type of yacht you are looking fore. If you are interested in particular boat we will send you PDF file with detailed description supported with pictures. Visit our wb site or contactus on

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  1. Maritimus Consultant

    Profile: Maritimus Consultant

    January 25, 2009 by sbacalja

    Yacht-boat-ship Surveyors & Marine Consultants!

  2. Maritimus Consultant is a Yacht Surveyor company and is their website

    Profile: Maritimus Consultant is a Yacht Surveyor company and is their website

    October 11, 2008 by turtle

    Maritimus Consultant can be contacted by on +385 (0)2 14 59 76 2 and by fax on +385 (0)2 14 59 76 3. Based in Croatia you can contact them …