News: Maxi Scow and WallyCento yacht concepts by Francois Chevalier

October 2, 2012 by ss
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“I had had early etchings for these two 100ft sailing yachts, which I named MScow, laying on my draftboard since last summer, together with a Volvo Open 70 and an IMOCA Open 60. When the Volvo Ocean Race announced that future editions would use a one-design, I decided to finalise the two 100ft projects: a WallyCento and a Maxi Scow.”

“The reason to design yet another Wally lies in the designation of the WallyCento rule itself: owners remain keen on the combination of comfort, performance, modern design and bleeding edge technology in a yacht. Even if the WallyCento open box rule forbids canting keels and includes a minimum displacement figure, she remains true to the Wally essence which has begot its prestigious fleet: simple handling, automated sailing systems, utterly flush decks, light and minimalist interior spaces.”

“The “Record” designation of the MaxiScow version, which features a more lightweight displacement and a canting keel, rid of all the modcons and automation usually presented in Wallys, targets ocean records and line honours in crewed races such as the Newport-Bermuda, the Fastnet or the Sydney-Hobart.”

“As featured in the wetted surface diagrams comparing the MScow concept with conventional monohulls when heeling, the key advantage of the MScow is her underbody, which under a heel sails at an angle which would be three times smaller than a conventional yacht. On the one hand, the righting moment is a lot more efficient, whether or not she is fitted with a canting keel, and on the other hand, the keel remains in the centerline under sail: The result is the MSow’s better ability in pointing to windward, by one or two degrees depending on configuration.”

“To improve the sailing platform’s performance, the bowsprit can be orientated and the clew of headsails can be adjusted in the lateral plane.”

“On a level plane, the lines of the WallyCento and MaxiScow yacht are reminiscent of a windsurfing board.On a heel, the angle of the wetted line with the centerline is a third of that of a conventional racing 100-footer.

“As far back as the 1970s, I made a concept for a crossoceanic windsurf designated for a double-handed Transatlantic race. As for many projects of this kind, the model is still hanging on my office wall. The idea remerged ten years ago when I wrote an article investigating the origins of planing hulls. The craze which governed the American skimming dishes at the turn of the twentieth century, with waterline length as the only limitation, had given me the idea to develop an IMOCA Open 60 for the Vendée Globe single-handed circumnavigation race.”

“I decided to develop a progressive chine-bilged scow, and instead of a pram bow, I proceeded to cut away the stem very significantly to avoid wave slamming as much as possible. By tapering the bow both in height and in width, shocks with head waves are dampened significantly and the scow skims the surface immediately and displaces as little water as possible.”

François Chevalier Sailing Yacht MaxiScow and WallyCento

Specifications: WallyCento

Naval Architecture: Francois Chevalier YD

Build: carbonfibre, built to WallyCento open rule

Shipyard: the yacht can be built at Multiplast (France), Green Marine (UK) or Cookson Boats (New Zealand)

LOA: 100ft (30.48m)

Load Waterline Length: 87ft 7in (26.70m)

Beam: 23ft 7in (7.20 m)

Draught: maximum 20ft 4in (6.20m), Min 14ft 9in(4.50m) dropkeel

Displacement 45 tonnes

Air Draught: 147ft 8in (45m)

Mainsail + Jib area: 6,370sqft (592m²)

Mainsail + gennaker area 11,000sqft (1000m²)

Specifications: MaxiScow

Naval architecture: Francois Chevalier YD

Build: carbonfibe

Shipyard: The yacht can be built at Multiplast (France), Green Marine (UK) or Cookson Boats (New Zealand).

Length Over All: 100ft (30.48m)

Load Waterline Length: 87ft 7 in (26.70m)

Beam: 23ft 7in (7.20m)

Draught: 18ft 4in (4.50m) canting keell

Displacement: 38 tonnes

Air draught: 150ft 11in (46m)

Mainsail + jib area: 6,760sqft (628m²)

Mainsail + gennaker area: 11,900sqft (1110m²)

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