May 31, 2012 by worthy123

With the MCA currently concluding on an overhaul of its Large Yacht Code there will be some significant changes introduced that will have a major impact on soft furnishing design considerations for both New Build and existing vessels. The impending changes will tighten up on a number of areas in relation to the Fire Retardant certification from the frequency of assessment to the quality of post manufacturing treatment. The new laws which are likely to come into effect during July 2012 will mean that all of those involved in the selection of materials through to those responsible for certification will need to be aware of the potential impact on the vessel approval status. The new regulations will mean that a lot of materials currently being used for new yachts or for refits will not meet the FR criteria after undergoing certain cleaning regimes. There will also be an impact on the application services market as many of the products currently being used for in situ fabric treatment will not satisfy the new guidelines. There will also be a requirement for application teams to include a textile expert to assess the fabrics onboard prior to treatment to ensure the application process meets the new guidelines in LY3. Peter Worthy, CEO of Yacht Protect Services, who have been major contributors in the consultation process, says that they are fully supportive of the MCA actions and believe that they can only help in the drive to improve maritime safety. “A number of companies will be forced to review their strategy to embrace the changes. This will include interior designers, after sales treatment companies and Skippers or others responsible for certification. With our background in textiles we understand the issues and are well prepared for the changes.

For more information or help in understanding the changes to be implemented contact us on enquiries@yachtpsl.com

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