News: Meccano Engineering and Marcello Papa Architects designed X-One yacht concept

July 12, 2012 by lucy
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Under the same roof in Trieste Office, the two Italian design firms – with years of experience in their respective fields, a stable team of more than 25 designers, engineers and architects – have developed a unique blend of design and marine engineering. New concepts, know-how, creativity and passion give life to innovative ideas, such as catamaran yacht X-One.

This is the name of the very original project that the partnership is developing: a catamaran with a strong personality and a sleek, aggressive profile. But behind the lines, it offers a design philosophy focused mainly on high technology and respect for the environment.

“The project emphasizes the blending of generous and slender lines, – as Stefano Reggente of Meccano Engineering confirms – expressing the concept that simplicity and harmony are in the balance of lines and shapes. This design gives the X-One the look and feel of a unique product, fresh and original.”

The size of the catamaran yacht X-One – length of 59 meters and width of 26 meters – offer a huge living area with versatile and generous interior and exterior spaces. The 1400 square meters of the main deck are for the guest suites, featuring balconies, saloons and every kind of comfort. Amenities will include a spacious lounge area between the hulls offering a unique view on the sea.

The owner deck is particularly elegant and luxurious, with a private pool occupying an entire deck and a large outdoor area.

With its futuristic and modern design, superyacht X-One is a real revolution and innovation in the catamaran world.

Main Characteristics of the 59m superyacht X-One:

LOA 59.00 m
BEAM 26.00 m
DRAFT 8.00 m
Displ (approx.) 1,100.00 t
Deck area (approx.) 1,000.00 sq.m. covered area on main deck
Owner Cabin 1,150.00 sq.m. apartment + balcony with Jacuzzi
Guests 5 VIP cabins with balcony/SPA and Fitness area with Guest pool
Crew 14 people
Garages 2 tender garages
Material Steel
Speed (approx.) 16 kN
Propulsion 2 engines

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