Mediterranean Boat Cruises Turkish Style

June 10, 2012 by derinblu
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You know when you’re in Turkey from the moment you capture the air, the atmosphere, as it radiates the scent of pure culture and tradition. If you have ever been to Turkey you will know what I mean. It is quite a unique experience. For some it makes you realize that wherever you go, see and do, it’s going to be very different from what we know in the Western world. Such is the stage in Mediterranean boat cruises.

The first impression that comes to mind in Mediterranean boat cruises are big ships or sailing cruises. In Turkey this is possible. However we point to a different direction in this concept of boat rentals in Turkey and call them, Gulet Cruises. You may wonder what exactly a gulet is or what a gulet cruise is like.

Gulets or Turkish yachts are not all that well known unlike bareboats and motoryachts. Those who do know about gulets, have actually been or heard by travellers who have been, on a gulet holiday in Turkey. Gulets are also known by the Turkish Blue Voyage vacations – not as a gulet, but rather a Turkish boat. For the sake of proper introduction, gulets are pronounced ‘goolets‘.

Traditional Luxury Turkish Gulet for Blue Cruises
These superb wooden yachts are quite traditional in appearance and service. Classic gulets are designed with total relaxation in mind. The whole objective of a gulet charter is to indulge in plenty of leisure activities and explore the rich history and culture of Turkey, along with the breathtaking scenery of the Eastern Mediterranean. Guests aboard gulets should expect to be pampered by the services and crew. They should also realize that the Blue cruise menu on board is nothing but fresh, tasty and fully satisfying dishes from the Turkish kitchen which colorfully decorates the dining table during all meal times.

Enjoy a Blue Cruise menu within turquoise waters in a private bay
The design of gulets are different from each other as they are custom made by hand and decorated to the owners liking. So not one gulet will look exactly like the other – which is one of the reasons why they are so attractive and unique in appearance. There are however, other types of motorsailers in design – modern, built in a more recent year than the ones I am referring to here – which are the classic gulets.

Luxury gulet charters are flexible holidays at sea. The itineraries are not set in stone. They can be altered to the preference of the guests, provided that it is acceptable by the captain – as it is the captain’s responsibility to make decisions during gulet cruises based on the safety of his/her guests on board. Guests of these lovely gulets can stay in one bay longer than another, or skip to another direction and drop anchor to explore and village or town that has drawn their interest. The period of gulet holidays may be one week, but the time is without limit during the course of the private yacht charter.

There are much to choose from in gulets for hire in Turkey. To make your decision in which one it is you would like to rent, you must first determine how much you have allowed yourself for this Mediterranean vacation cruise, as gulets are private yacht rentals that are based on weekly bookings. Another fact is to find out how many people will be in your group. Usually the more of you there are, the lesser it will cost to rent a gulet per person. Of course the next item on the list could be to establish where you wish to go, what would you like to see and what sort of activities would you like to add to your holiday.

All of these and a bit more, matter when deciding to go on a Mediterranean boat cruise – Turkish style

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