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News: Mediterranean Yacht Vacations: Top 10 Sunset Cruises Aboard a Quadski

August 27, 2014 by Yacht Charter
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Sunsets come in all colours, from the pale pink fingers creeping across the sky to the blood red stand out statements, lilacs and silver slivers of moon and the blazing fiery orange. Capturing the moment the sun starts her descent can be a magical moment especially from out in the waters aboard your Quadski. Once the sun hits the water, head towards your luxury superyacht for an evening of pure indulgence. The Quadski is a personal watercraft that combines the design of a jet ski with an ATV land vehicle. The innovative style, BMW engine and quick switch wheel retraction make it a must have luxury toy of the year. Cruising the Mediterranean sea on a Quadski while enjoying your Mediterranean yacht charter holiday just before sunset is simply a picture perfect way to finish off the day.

Bonifacio, Corsica Yacht Charter

The fortress town of Bonifacio is a beautiful spot in the heart of Corsica. After a day exploring the winding alleys of the old town and enjoying great company at the bustling marina, escape the crowds and head for the waters. Sit beneath the limestone cliffs on your Quadski to watch the layers of lavender, speckles of yellow and hints of red engulf the sky and glitter on the rocks.

Marseilles, France Yacht Charter

The rich and vibrant city of Marseille beautifully combines African culture with the French style and makes for a heady experience. Take in this maritime wonderland of the Vieux Port while strolling in Rimbaud’s footsteps. As the sun starts to sink, take your Quadski out across the bay to sit with both the fisherman and your superyacht as the sky flames.

Barcelona, Spain Yacht Charter

A moment’s respite from the mayhem and magic of Barcelona can be grabbed during one of Europe’s most unique sunsets. After celebrating on Las Ramblas, topping up your tapas bill and exploring the rare mind of Gaudi you should Quadski out on the soft Mediterranean waters for a glimpse of the golden sun spilling her last rays across the colourful chimneys of this artistic city.

Santorini, Greece Yacht Charter

Santorini has been earmarked as one of the world’s most romantic destinations to watch the sunset. White and blue boxed houses nestled on top of each other and framed by shimmering turquoise waters certainly provide the perfect palette for inspiring sunsets. When the crowds gather in the taverns of Oia to watch the sun dip behind the Caldera, take your amphibious boat and head to the tiny village and crushed shell shores of Imerovigli for an award winning vantage point.

Dubrovnik, Croatia Yacht Charter

The chic Croatian city basking in the shadow of the mountains and the sea has become one of the hottest destinations for the summer. After spending the day exploring the old town, tasting local delights and immersing yourself in the magic of the Adriatic Sea, you can take your Quadski out to the lonely rocks to watch the setting sun. Flooded orange skies, soft spluttering clouds and the twinkling lights of the town make this a must see experience.

Cala d’Hort, Ibiza Yacht Charter

Even though the San Antonio strip may be the most popular place to catch Ibiza’s legendary sunsets the cliffs flanking Cala d’Hort offer a more spiritual approach to the setting sun. Take your Quadski out on the rich waters framing the white island; feel the mystical vibes as the sun spills her final rays across the enigmatic Es Vedra Island.

Puglia, Italy Yacht Charter

Medieval heritage, lovely Lecce and large pizza ovens carveout the perfect coastal spot of Puglia in Italy. Gold and green farmlands, sweeping olive groves, and beautiful beaches provide the mise en scene for some of the world’s most glorious sunsets. Take the Quadski across the dunes at Casalabate and into the lagoon like sweet Mediterranean waters to watch the show.

Istanbul, Turkey Yacht Charter

The bridge between the East and the West is a melting pot of markets, religions, fine foods, tall teapots and silk. After a day seeing the brightness of the spice, sipping dark sweet coffee and listening to the chiming of the bells, head out for a magical sunset experience on the Bosporus. Calm waters, myriad colours and the noise of the city fading into the background make for a rare treat.

Venice Yacht Charter, Italy

It’s only fitting that one of the world’s most romantic destinations should have a sunset to match. The tattered decadence, the shimmering canals and the carnivalesque magic of this Italian city make for the perfect mise en scene. On the wide canals you can watch the sun spill her last few drops of gold across the gothic rooftops and spires.

Formentera Yacht Charter, Spain

Beautiful beaches, mineral rich mud baths and pristine paella make for lazy days on this Balearic gem, yet when the stars start to prickle you can be treated to other worldly sunsets. Take your Quadski out past the bobbing harbour boats and watch the turquoise waters turn to lavender and lilac with the dropping stone sun.

Bio: Tom Berchulc is the Vice President of Marketing at Gibbs Sports Amphibian which recently launched the Quadski, the ultimate amphibious vehicle for those who want to experience an adventure on both land and sea.

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