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News: Mega Yacht SHERAKHAN World Tour – 38,000 nautical aboard one of the very best yachts available for charter

May 14, 2013 by Yacht Charter
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One of the most impressive superyachts available for luxury yacht charter, SHERAKHAN, will embark on an amazing 38,000-nautical mile tour around the world. Boasting luxurious interior, décor, layout and able to accommodate 22/26 guests on board, mega yacht Sherakhan is the perfect choice for large family holidays or corporate charters with your business partners or valued clients. The additional extras, including the glass bottom Jacuzzi and the themed cabins, make this vessel the very best available.

Setting foot on the gangway, you will be astonished by the huge deck areas, remarkable wood work and the large choice of outside furniture Sherakhan yacht has to offer. There is huge 18-people Jacuzzi and of course a complete BBQ area to cater for the charter guests.

Moving on to the inside of the yacht Sherakhan, you will be surprised by the beam of the yacht. The main saloon is around 20 metres long and 9 metres wide. The style can be described as warm and homely. This allows all of her guests to immediately relax and feel at ease, doing whatever they enjoy doing.

The main saloon on Sherakhan is divided into two areas: dining area and the part where the guests can sit back and unwind. The dining area features a beautiful 22-person table, and impressive stairs leading to the owner’s deck. Looking up from the dining table you will see right through to the roof of the yacht where the Jacuzzi with a glass bottom is situated.

Walking through to the other side of the saloon, you will find yourself in the area for relaxations. There are nice cosy couches, homely armchairs, enormous vases, a fireplace, a flat screen television, a bar where you can sit down to enjoy your drinks as well as a little podium with a white grand piano.

Some of the important amenities on board Sherakhan include a beauty saloon, fitness-massage centre, sauna and a Jacuzzi.


In addition to the large deck and interior areas, Sherakhan’s accommodation is also offered in beautiful and very large guest suites. All the double beds are king size. All suites are equipped with a television, DVD, stereo, mini bar, safe, air-conditioning/heating, a vanity table/desk, a computer point, relaxing chairs, saloon table, a very spacious walk-in closet, bathroom with toilet, bidet, bath (Jacuzzi), double basin and shower. On the art impression you have some idea of the style which will be fitted in these areas. The way the woodwork is done, is astonishing! Nice and with unexpected details…..

The Owner’s Deck

When you approach the two enormous stairs, your attention will be attracted by the spectacular view down on the dining table. There is a vacant space of 6 meters long and 3 meters wide! In this way, the areas are not completely separated but in a creative way connected with each other. The saloon is further furnished with exclusive and comfortable chairs, a bar with an integrated piano and a dance floor for the people who cannot control their feet! During the day time, this area is very popular! It is great for reading and relaxing when the sun is too hot or having a drink. During the night this saloon is perfect for having swinging cocktails before dinner. In the meantime the crew can set a wonderful decorated table and the guests will be surprised when they walk down the stairs to enjoy their dinner!

Besides the saloon, this deck contains 2 suites of 31 m2 and 1 Master Cabin of almost 51 m2! This deck is completely outfitted for the owner with a huge study. Situated completely in the front of the yacht, with an amazing view over the sea, the owner’s cabin has even its own terrace! The major Jacuzzi is in the middle of the room, apart from the bathroom. The special effect of this cabin must be seen to be believed!

The outer deck on the owners deck has comfortable chairs, footstools and even table lamps for the people who wish to be outside at night and enjoy a good book or just want to sit in silence and enjoy the stars………

The wheelhouse deck boasts the Jacuzzi, loads of deck chairs, a bar, a B.B.Q. area, shade for the burnt ones and of course the look-out house! Between the 2 funnels, there is a real look-out house. Once you are up there, you will be taken by surprise! The height of this location is 20 meters above the waterline, so you can easily imagine what sort of view you can have up there! A 360° view for the star watchers; this is the ultimate spot….

SHERAKHAN World Tour Details


Netherlands, Amsterdam

St Maarten

British Virgin Islands, Road Town

Puerto Rico, San Juan

Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata

Panama, Colon

Caribbean Area

Sherakhan’s world tour is scheduled to start in the Netherlands, continuing to sail to the Caribbean’s tropical paradise St Maarten and the classic yacht charter destination, the British Virgin Islands. Continuing through to Puerto Rico, San Juan the yacht will then reach the Dominican Republic, Panama and discover other spectacular destinations while around the Caribbean area. This area is the most popular place to rent a yacht during the European winter months, offering fantastic diversity. The Caribbean can be called a natural wonderland, with an ocean full of wonderful treasures, including coral atolls and substantial mountainous islands.



Falkland Islands, Port Stanley

Antarctica, King George Island

After spending some time around the warm Caribbean Islands, SHERAKHAN will move onto the remarkable charter destination – Patagonia. This truly amazing area is like a world within a world. Ushuaia is the capital of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, and while Tierra del Fuego is called the Land of the End of the World, Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world. After Patagonia, Sherakhan will ‘sail’ to the Falkland Islands; a naturally beautiful, unique and remote destination that is the unspoilt Gateway to the Antarctic. Intrepid yacht charterers also have a rare opportunity to visit Antarctica aboard a luxury yacht, as there are only a few luxury vessels cruising this breath-taking part of the world.


South Africa, Cape Town

South Africa, Durban

Madagascar, Morombe

Madagascar, Mahajanga

Madagascar, Antisiranana

After a few months spent exploring the southern part of the globe, it is time to head up to the warmer climates. Sherakhan’s plans are to visit South Africa’s Cape Town and Durban and from here move onto the wonderful world of Madagascar, with its remarkable flora and fauna matched by its epic landscapes of an astonishing diversity. Chartering a yacht in Madagascar you will have the opportunity to discover some of its 5000km of spectacular coastline, 450km of barrier reef and 25 islands.


South East Asia

Seychelles, Victoria


Sri Lanka


Andaman Islands, Port Blair

Burma (Myanmar)


Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur


Following her trips around South Africa and Madagascar, Sherakhan will be ready to take on South East Asia; yacht charter destinations that will take your breath away. Staring with the ‘Jewel of the Indian Ocean’, Seychelles, charter guests can enjoy the idyllic white sandy beaches, calm waters and sparkling lagoons. Maldives is the next stop for Sherakhan, where, some say, the best beaches in the world can be found. Another destination during Sherakhan superyacht’s world tour is Sri Lanka, known for its numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites and ancient, rich culture. The multidimensional India, that follows after Sri Lanka, will leave you intoxicated by its mesmerising culture and diversity.

A superb yacht charter location in Thailand is the Andaman Sea. The appeal of the Andaman as a yacht charter location is obvious: most of its picturesque islands are only accessible by a boat. This area is still an undiscovered gem for charterers and sailors alike. Myanmar or Burma offers charter vacations that are truly out there and chartering Sherakhan in this area is a unique opportunity to discover this part of the world. From here the mega yacht will cruise the coast of Thailand, where guests can enjoy the wonderful beaches and the magnificent scenery. The following destination of the World Tour is Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in Malaysia.




Philippines, Palawan

July, August and September 2014 will see Sherakhan yacht cruising Bali, Brunei with its dense rain forests, serenity and religious heritage, as well as the Philippines. Philippines has long been a crossroads of trade routes, with influences from everywhere from China, Japan, Malaysia, Spain, and the US overlaying the native cultures. After decades of political upheaval, the country has only recently started to become a leisure travel destination, meaning that many of its stunning natural sights are practically undeveloped with very little tourists around.


Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya

Solomon Islands


French Polynesia

The amazing and remote Papua New Guinea is another exciting ‘corner of the world’ to visit on board of the beautiful Sherakhan yacht. Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, over 850 indigenous languages are spoken here and it is also the world’s least explored country, culturally and geographically. An amazing and colourful place to visit for an unforgettable charter holiday.

Next stop: Solomon Islands. Chartering a yacht in the Solomon Islands is like cruising in paradise. There are thousands of islands, numerous beautiful atolls, reefs, lagoons, coconuts, palms, mangroves and orchids. Imagine cruising the pristine emerald and azure waters, experiencing endless beauty. Fiji is the perfect place to watch dolphins swim next to your boat, or enjoy relaxing time game fishing, diving and snorkelling. Fiji is also named as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World” and is rated as one of the top 10 dive destinations in the world.

French Polynesia is made up of a number of groups of Polynesian Islands, the best known being Tahiti in the Society Islands group. Tahiti is also the most populated island with the seat of the capital of the territory Papeete. Here you will come across an amazing combination of lush tropical atolls and volcanic peaks, rising up from picturesque blue lagoons. Some of the islands that usually get included in charter itineraries around the French Polynesia include Tahiti, Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora, Maupiti, Tikehau, Rurutu and Huahine. For a more remote cruising experience there is Tuamoto and the Marquesas.



Costa Rica

Panama, Colon

Caribbean Area

A Galapagos Islands yacht charter is a divine South American holiday destination.The Galápagos Islands are naturally beautiful and an excellent place to discover while cruising on a luxury charter yacht. The Galapagos’ surrounding waters form an Ecuadorian province, a national park, and a biological marine reserve. From here the following destination is Costa Rica: The beauty of this part of the world is extraordinary as can be seen from the natural jungles and seas on both sides of the isthmus. Panama represents the last charter destination of the Sherakhan World Tour, before the yacht returns to cruise around the Caribbean.

If you have been captured by any of the fabulous and unique charter destinations SHERAKHAN will visit on her next World Tour, don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information here: http://www.charterworld.com/news/mega-yacht-sherakhan-world-tour-38000-nautical-aboard-ya ...

Luxury mega yacht SHERAKHAN is available for EUR€350,000.00 per week plus expenses and she is truly one of the very best yachts available for charter.

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