News: Mega Yachting comes to Philadelphia USA?

April 13, 2010 by amkimbel

Luxury motor yachts are normally not associated with Philadelphia but rather for the rich and famous in Florida, the Caribbean, and perhaps Newport Rhode Island. Philadelphia is certainly not known as the yachting capital of the world.

Well, leave it to a couple of locally based entrepreneurs to devise a plan where the lifestyle of large mega-yacht ownership can be enjoyed by a greater population, not just a select few.

Andrew Kimbel and Joanne Galloway, co-founders of Quartershare International have made it possible to own one of these mansions on the water at about 25% of the price. In addition, the program enables owners to enjoy use of a fleet of identical hulls 10 weeks per year in magnificent cruising destinations..

Quartershare provides 25% ownership in individual LLC corporations. Each one of these businesses owns a yacht. Thus, owners really do not own a boat, but rather a managed business.

“I am certain that the average yacht buyer does not have a burning desire to purchase tons of floating fiberglass and machinery says Kimbel.” They want the lifestyle and image that yacht ownership represents.” “With Quartershare, owners purchase this lifestyle and at the same time, enjoy all the benefits of true yacht ownership and then some. Quartershare crews, docks and maintains the vessels and seasonally repositions the fleet providing year round enjoyment to the owners and guests. Quartershare also provides concierge services and trip planning for their owners. The yachts can also be used for receptions, corporate getaways, seminars at sea, and even 5 star overnight accommodation.

Quartershare International is offering the Westport 112‘ motor yacht as its flagship. as well as a 75’ sailing catamaran.. One of our sailing vessels just crossed the ocean from Europe delivering 5 tons of humanitarian relief to Haiti.” said Galloway.
A Quartershare Westport motor yacht is scheduled to arrive in Philadelphia in early July.

“We are proud to be a Philadelphia based firm, being very unique in our industry. We have strong ties in the region says Joanne Galloway.” “In an business that is thought of as being hard hit in our current economic condition, we are creating jobs, purchasing expensive assets and providing an exquisite life for our owners and yacht charter guests.”

The company will be providing yacht tours and hosting media events by appointment. Quartershare can be reached at 888-832-7151.

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