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News: Messerschmitt Yachts unveils 105m mega yacht MTT-REFUGIUM

December 20, 2013 by Alex Lever
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Outstanding comfortable interior guarantees a comfortable stay on board – protected by a massive lateral auxiliary lining. Wide exterior deck areas invite the passengers to relaxation on numerous lounges, pool and bar areas. Wheel-away balconies with windows to the floor are on both sides of the upper floor level.

This allows the passengers a fantastic panoramic view over the surrounding area and the sunlight flooding the whole deck – of course with the possibility to dim out the sun.

Technical Specifications of superyacht MTT-Refugium:

Type: Explorer Mega Yacht
Construction: Steel hull & aluminium superstructure
Designer: Felix P. Messerschmitt
Accommodation: 14 guests + 2 owners/28 crew

Length (LOA) approx. 105m
Beam hull approx. 19m
Draft full load approx. 5.20m

Max. speed approx. 22 knots
Cruising speed approx. 16 knots
Range by cruising speed approx. 6.000 nm

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