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March 3, 2010 by yachtlover
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Year Established: 1980
Services/Goods Offered: build yachts
Languages: English
Operating Locations: Florida

Established in the 1980s MILLENIUM SUPER YACHTS builds custom built super yachts to the exact dimensions of the imagination of its owner.
Their pleasure is to bring into being that unique vessel of the owners deepest dreams.
They can use your naval architect and interior stylist, or can easily assemble a team drawn from their global manufacturing partnerships. They will go any length for you!

You can contact them through their web site


Or additional contact details are:

Contact Millennium Super Yachts


133 US Hwy One, North Palm Beach, FL 33408

Phone: 561.721.4100

Fax: 561.844.9160

E-mail: General Information: info@millenniumsuperyachts.com

Jenifer Ohlson: johlson@millenniumsuperyachts.com

Zak Matten: zakmatten@millenniumsuperyachts.com

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