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May 2, 2010 by Modern Refrigeration
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Year Established: 1993
Languages: English
Operating Locations: EUROPE

In 1993 the founder of Modern Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, Sandro Navarro, has set up a new workshop in a good located area in Msida, which is an important yachting location of the Maltese Islands, fully equipped with the latest technology Refrigeration tools. He started offering the best services to his estimated clients. With the experience of 16 years in the refrigeration engineering industry, Modern Refrigeration & Air-conditioning has the expertise in this field of Marine air conditioning, auto air conditioning, marine refrigeration, refrigerated trucks and Ice machines.

Modern Refrigeration and air-conditioning engineering is able to offer professional consultations and advices on site, accomplished with the complete services to its clients. The jobs range from small 60 litre fridges or freezers, to large walk-in fridges, coolers and freezers, repairs, servicing, new installations, modifications, retrofits etc.. Air conditioning jobs range from 6,000 Btu’s air conditioners to large main chillers. Also offers custom build refrigeration systems according to its client’s specifications.

In the past 16 years a vast range of servicing, such as gas re-charge, leak detections and repairs, compressors replacements, V6 compressors rebuilds, major repairs, motor windings, cold rooms constructions, sea water and fresh water pumps repairs & services, condensers acid flush and much more, has been successfully accomplished on various boats & Yachts In Malta.

Modern Refrigeration and Air conditioning has the reputation of: – starting and finishing its projects on time, efficient and prompt services, high standard and quality services, and at the most reasonable prices possible.

Our clients span through the entire boating ranges, from Cabin Cruisers to Sailing Yachts, from Charter Boats to Cruisers and from Super Yachts to Tug Boats and Ferries.

If it is refrigeration engineering then we are the leading business to offer and advise you on your needs and requirements!

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