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December 7, 2008 by yachtlover
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2008 Monsoon Cup Champion:
Dato’ Peter Gilmour, Yanmar Racing Team

2nd: Adam Minoprio, ETNZ/BlackMatch Racing
3rd: Torvar Mirsky, Mirsky Racing Team
4th: Ian Williams, Bahrain Team Pindar
5th: Cian, Team Shosholoza
6th: Col, French Team/K-Challenge
7th: Holmberg, Victory Challenge
8th: Richard, French Team/Team French Spirit

Deserved winners of the 2008 Monsoon Cup Gilmour and his team of Yasuhiro Yaji, Rod Dawson, Thierry Douillard and Kazuhiko Sofuku were challenged on every part of the race course through four very tough races.

After several months of being the head of the Monsoon Cup event management team, Gilmour then had to turn around and concentrate all his energies on the competition. Due to the long years of experience and great skills as a sailor he was able to make the seamless move from Race Advisor to successful skipper.

“I feel very elated. It has been a long few months for us to pull the event together and then the deck was pretty well stacked against me for doing well here. I have tremendous crew here, which kept me concentrating, kept me sailing. They are not too hard on me when I make basic mistakes like running into committee boats and just keep me rolling along.”

“Clearly we were very lucky to be in the final. We probably did not deserve to be on the race course, but here we are and we won the final.”

“The result is great for 2009. We look forward to going on the tour and being a part of all that. It is very exciting,” a clearly delighted Gilmour said.

Gilmour had a difficult road to the top, finishing tied on five wins with Sebastien Col, Magnus Holmberg and Ben Ainslie at the end of the round robin series. On a count-back Gilmour went through to the quarter finals where he raced Col, winning his semi final place after five hard and at times, disputable matches.

The semi final for Gilmour was an extraordinary situation where his challenger was the 22-year-old Torvar Mirsky, a one-time match racing student of Gilmour’s. It was a battle of wits, skill and experience which saw Gilmour dominate the matches to win 3-0.


Photography by Sander van der Borch – SubZero Images

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