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News: Moonen superyacht SOFIA achieves exceptional noise and vibration results

November 27, 2012 by Alex Lever
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This impressive technical achievement within the parameters of the SSC Rules was measured by the specialist noise and vibration testing company Intersona. The noise levels allowed for a superior stateroom on a superyacht are 50 dB. The tests recorded that Sofia superyacht’s staterooms were as low as 40 dB in some places and the sound levels never exceeded 46 dB at 12 knot cruising speed.

A similar achievement was noted in the lounge, where the measurements again showed that the sound levels were 4 to 5 dB lower then the figure required to reach Class 1 status. The noise levels were even lower in the wheelhouse, coming in at 45 dB in an area where 60 dB is still considered comfortable enough for Class 1.

The vibration tests showed an even more remarkable performance. In the staterooms and lounges a maximum vibration level of 0.3 to 0.4 mm/sec. was recorded (compared to an acceptable Class 1 level of 1.8), while the public spaces of the superyacht were measured at 0.4 (compared to an acceptable Class 1 level of 2.5).

“These low noise and vibration levels are a testimony to the engineering work that went into the design of this custom vessel as well as the phenomenal construction skills of the craftsmen here at our yard,” commented Emile Bilterijst, managing director of Moonen Shipyards. “What made these results even more special at the time they were measured was that the owner was onboard. This allowed him to hear and feel for himself the quality and comfort levels that he can expect in the years ahead.”

The owner was also delighted with the interior of the Moonen superyacht Sofia. An extraordinarily bright and open feeling is generated by the large windows and the styling by Art-Line Interiors, which features oak wood, Zabrano and Concetto marble. Executed with a custom piece of Concetto art made and supplied by Ceaser Stone in Israel, Sofia yacht’s atrium is spectacular. And the interior is a technical masterpiece too, with an integrated foil bridge and a full Kaleidoscope video server with multi-room control (including lighting, blinds and climate control) via i-Pad.

Inside and out, the highly sophisticated custom superyacht Sofia captures the essence of why Moonen is one of the finest yachtbuilders in the world.

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