News: MOTION CODE: BLUE unveils 280m mega yacht IMARA concept

December 8, 2014 by ss
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Exterior design:

The exterior design is dominated by the slick hull painted in bright white with golden accents. For the superstructure of the tower, the design studio went for a custom design, but based on the shapes of common tanker superstructures. The overall exterior design concept was to generate a highly precious aesthetic combined with modern architecture-like elements but also incorporating every state-of-the art-superyacht feature.

The raised fore deck is dedicated to host 3 large heli pads which guarantee fast departure or arrival of the owner and the guests. 2 of the heli pads are lowerable to the helicopter hangar which is located directly underneath the heli pads. In total, the yacht is able to carry 5 helicopters: 2 in the hangar, 3 on the heli deck above.

Another main exterior feature is the large atrium located amidships right above the wet garages and beach clubs. It stretches over 4 decks and generates imposing views from all angles to the wet garages below, where tender and toys can be operated easily through 4 side hatches (2 on each hull side), each 15M wide. Tender up to 90 ft can be docked in the yachts hull or can drive through the whole hull, thanks to the 2 side hatches on both starboard and port side. Around the atrium, several lounges, restaurants, bars & shops can be found. On the main deck, a huge pool with integrated bar, palm trees and a 4 deck high water fall are located around the atrium.

The impressing tower hosts a large bow oriented guest terrace with bars, a dining area and lounges while the wide stern terrace is exclusively dedicated to the owner with a private pool, Jacuzzis and sun lounges.

The exterior shapes are combined with modern semi see-through-elements, inspired by ancient Arabic ornamental styles. This layer enhances the passing of natural light into the interior without disturbing the privacy of the owner and quests.

As for the transportation of the owner and the guests, all deck areas are accessible via custom painted BMW i3 electric cars. Several car lifting platforms and wide corridors on all decks guarantee fast transportation to any point of the yacht for the crew and the guests.

Several large main deck areas as well as all dark colored parts of the superstructure and tower are equipped with solar panels to set a sign to the tankers new and ecologically responsible usage as private yacht.

Interior Design:

The interior design of Imāra superyacht is simply enormous. As mentioned above, all corridors are designed for BMW i3 cars to pass; every guest on board has its own garage in front of his suite or cabin. A private concierge service takes care of the cars when they are not in use by the guests.

The upper decks of the tower host several private apartments with both, bow and stern oriented balconies which can be used for VIPs or owner’s relatives, 2 central elevators and wide staircases combine these decks. The top 2 decks are dedicated to the crew hosting messes, officer quarters, captain quarters and the spacious bridge on top of the tower. The 2 wide side wings host large sun bathing areas with bars and lounges and are prominent viewing points to overlook the immense structures of the yacht. Also, they are necessary for the crew to maneuver the gigantic vessel, so it’s a great spot for having a chat with the captain and enjoying the sea breeze 40M above the waterline.

There is a total of 8 2-storey VIP suits located in the hull – each with private terrace, floor-to-ceiling windows, private saloon and beach club. Another 12 guest cabins are available too. Room heights of 3M throughout the whole interior ensure a nice loft-like feeling. The owner quarters, which are located above the large wet garages at the middle section of the hull, stretches over 3 hull decks including private saloons, spa areas with indoor pools and a gym, office areas including study rooms, a library and art galleries. In addition to this, the owner has access to 3 separate full deck apartments in the tower and a private spa terrace. Private accesses with elevators and stairs are guaranteed.

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