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Image: Motor Yacht Enigma formerly ECO and Katana – in Monaco

May 27, 2009 by Monaco Yacht Spotter
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Motor Yacht Enigma formerly ECO and Katana – in Monaco

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  1. john

    john on May 27, 2009

    This motor yacht is called ENIGMA and she is a 244.45 ft / 74.50 m Blohm & Voss Yacht built in 1991. She used to be called Eco and Katana.

    ENIGMA is a famous motor yacht due to her unique almost frigate style design and because she has been one of the large and fast motor yachts for a very long time.

    ENIGMA was designed by Martin Francis and built (by the German shipyard Blohm & Voss) for the Mexican magnate Emilio Azcarraga. The yacht was first called ECO and back in 1998 she was purchased by American Oracle boss Larry Ellison.

    Mr. Ellison renamed her KATANA, a Japanese name, and she became synonymous with yacht racing events such as the America’s Cup.

    Two major upgrades have been completed at Lürssen over the years – both overseen by Martin Francis.

    She is still a favourite yacht for many. KATANA is powered by two 3728kW Deutz MWM BV 16M628 diesels and one gas turbine 13795kW GE LM1600.

    Enigma cruising off Monaco from Merijn de Waard on Vimeo.

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