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News: Motoryacht Silver Zwei to Break Her Own Record

June 14, 2010 by Superyacht News
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Silver Zwei is a 73m motor yacht completely built in aluminum and features a crisp, vibrant lightweight construction. It is built to touch speeds of 27 knots and uses 400 liters of fuel an hour at the speeds of 18 to 19 knots while maintaining a range of 4,500nm.

M/Y Silver Zwei boasts of an urban aesthetics and has been styled by celebrated designer Espen Oeino and custom built by Hanseatic Marine, an Australian Yacht builder. A sister ship to superyacht Silver, Silver Zwei is claimed to be the fastest conventionally powered motor yacht across the globe. It is all set to establish a new benchmark by beating its own records in terms of speed, fuel and range that it had marked on its maiden voyage from Perth to Dubai in October 2009. The motor yacht had traversed 5,103nm in less than twelve days with an average speed of 8.26nm and a fuel consumption of 18 liters per nautical mile.

At the moment, the exclusive superyacht Silver Zwei is on the way to Singapore. This means that the yacht will cruise around the Pakistan and Indian Coastline without facing any hindrances of shipping lanes and probable danger zones for pirate encounters. It will move towards the south of India, further towards Sri Lanka before traveling to Sumatra so that it could reach Singapore through the Malacca straits. Silver Zwei and her crew should arrive at their main destination on the 17th of June 2010.

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