News: New 25m POSEIDON Yacht Concept by Ramazan KAYA

April 3, 2013 by lucy
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Are these car lines important or not in the yachting sector? According to KAYA, each brand should have a specific design line and can repeat it in its new form for every new model. Without new rendition, every model would be exactly the same.

KAYA says that yacht design is about people’s appreciation. Yachts represent a very important sector, which is mainly about desire and people’s appreciation, but on the other hand, many models are the same and ordinary. This is very a interesting and contrasting situation, caused by companies that work close to new opinions, but do not draw on young ideas.

Luxury yacht Poseidon concept is a new design for a special brand and generally designed to be constructed in composites. KAYA chose to use sharp lines because he wants to design aggressive, sporty and iconic vessels. Poseidon’s appearance at a marina and her lines should say: “I am here!”

KAYA uses wood from deck to catch so that the exact harmony between composite and nature can be found. KAYA did not want the Poseidon yacht concept to use classic wind and fosil fuel only. This is why she is fitted with solar energy panels, featuring a compact design. However, the yacht can also use this energy in combination with wind and fossil fuels.

Technical Specifications of the Audi Yacht Poseidon Concept by Ramazan KAYA

LOA: 25 m
Max width: 4,2 m
Height: 2,2 m
Material: Generally Composite

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