News: New 62m motor yacht concept by H2-Yachts – World’s first energy autonomous Superyacht

March 4, 2013 by ss
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The propulsion system of the 62m H2 superyacht concept is fully electric with a liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) as the energy storage and a minimum effort on maintenance for all systems. Michael Stusch made the Naval Architecture in the Mallorca based office. He has been working on the concept and idea for more than 2 years.

To combine the solar panels and the wind turbine in a modern clean hull and superstructure design with lines orientated on the automobile industry and in conjunction with a maritime functionality and a luxurious interior, which is standard on the 62m H2 yacht, was the goal Michael Stusch explained. He himself has over 20 years maritime experience as a captain and has been living on his own yacht for a long time. He is an engineer and responsible for the Naval Architecture and idea; he developed the exterior and interior design together with the Graz/Austria based design team “motion code: blue”.

The straight, vertical bow and the explorer form of the 62m H2 mega yacht concept, which enable a 480m² beach club with 2 pools in 2 decks and a 70m² fold-out bathing platform, were given facts for the design as well as floor-to-ceiling windows in as many as possible decks. The sea view in the main deck, where the saloon and the open kitchen/bar is located, is allowed by a sheer bulwark and in the upper deck, which is entirely reserved for the owner by floor-to-ceiling windows. The upper deck has a bow and stern terrace and a spa with sauna, steam bath and whirl pool. The bed room is wide open to the stern terrace and a bar right next inside to the sliding door gives the owner the feeling to sit outside.

The bridge deck is used in the aft part as a dining room with a 20 people dining table, a bar and a wood fire pig roast as well as a wood fire Pizza oven. The sea view from the bar is only limited by a 50cm high couch which covers the outside major design line coming from the bow, ending at the stern of the upper deck.

Another distinctive feature of the 62m H2 yacht design is the sky lounge with a retractable roof that can be closed in 30 seconds in case of upcoming rain.

A waterfall is running over both pools starting at the whirl pool from the owner’s deck, hitting the main deck pool right behind the in-pool-bar-chairs and ending in the lower deck pool.

The tender housing with two customized tenders (11 meter and 7 meter) and an SUV car are located recessed underneath the lower beach club around the pool.

The fold-out side flaps let the lower beach club “grow” and are used as docking platforms for the tenders and other water toys. The outside balconies aft the side flaps can be used for fishing during cruising and on the starboard side another bar is located.

The 7.5 meter high bow sailes the 62m H2 yacht much better in heavy sea and enables more tenders, jet skis or small helicopter housing. The terrace aft to it is entirely reserved for the 2nd owner and can be blocked by hidden sliding doors for total privacy in another whirl pool where a waterfall “falls” in. Stairs on port and starboard side give access to the expandable heli platform with a 7 meter diameter heli pad for “touch and go”.

Due to the fact that the entire technique is based in the tank deck the lower deck can be used for VIP cabins and crew. The owner can choose between 6 VIP and 6 crew cabins or any combination of it.

Beside the electrical Voith-Schneider Propellers for silent cruising with full stabilization and dynamic positioning the tank deck is equipped with all necessary yacht equipment and a crew mess with a pantry for 3 chefs cooking and a bar/dining room for the entire crew.

The rest of the space is used for the 120,000 liter “Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier”-tanks. This “fuel” is liquid under normal pressure and normal temperature and non explosive; it will be burned in fuel cells to produce up to 1 Megawatt electrical power to run the engines and all other electrical consumers on board of the 62-meter H2 yacht.

The breath-taking 62m H2 yacht tops up on anchor over 860m² solar panels and a wind turbine, which makes the vessel energy autonomous with a reach of over 6,000 nm.

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