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News: New 69m mega yacht S693 taking shape at Tankoa Yachts

May 28, 2014 by Alex Lever
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As of May the 27th, 2014, Tankoa is proud to announce that construction of mega yacht S693 is ahead of its production schedule by almost two weeks.

1. The new stainless steel built transom has been completed and fairing has been started on it.
2. Faring on the hull and the superstructure is 85% completed and paint primers will start being applied early June.
3. Exterior decks are in the process of being leveled and this task is now 70% completed. All the decks will be made ready to final installation of 21mm teak decks that are already manufactured and stored in Tankoa’s hydrometry controlled warehouse.
4. Piping and wiring are both works in progress.
5. Sounds and vibration insulation will be completed on lower decks, and main deck by early June.
6. World Class Interior manufacturer Cantu Contract is working currently onboard setting up the first frames that will be used to attach the washed teak walls as per Francesco Paszkowski and owner’s choices.
7. Stainless Steel doors, pantographic automatic doors, and watertight doors have been contracted to world’s leader in the field, Opacmare, that will start delivering the first elements in July.
8. Final green light has been given by the owner for the interior decor.

On a more technical aspect, and further to the redesign of the aft section of the project, Architect Vincenzo Ruggiero went again to Vienna Tank Testing Facility to validate the design of the aft part of the extended hull. Extensive tank testing are shown excellent results considering S693 will need 200 kW less power to run its cruising speed of 15 knots. This is a great achievement due to sharp design of the lengthening of the running surface.

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