News: New contract for sale of Darwin Class 86′ Yacht signed by CdM

March 10, 2014 by black
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The shipyard confirms its remarkable performances, as proved by the outstanding results. Ennio Cecchini, CEO of Cantiere delle Marche, shows some numbers of 2014/15/16, that highlight a +50% of the average value of CdM’s yachts that will be delivered in 2015 vs 2014. This year, Cantiere delle Marche will deliver 3 yachts (a Darwin Class 86’ designed by Sergio Cutolo, as all the Darwin Class range and two Nauta Air yachts, one Nauta Air 86’ yacht e one 90’, designed by Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino of Nauta Yacht Design) and counts today 6 orders for 2014/15. In 2015 the Shipyard will deliver other 3 Yachts and another 6 orders (until now) between 2015/2016, for an estimated value of the production around 20 Million Euro.

Despite the success and the wide request, Cantiere delle Marche won’t augment the Yachts production until 2016, when the deliveries will switch from 3 to 4 per year, with a considerable increase of the production value and income. Comments Ennio Cecchini:“Because of the requests we receive, we’ve been thinking a lot about increasing the production of one or two units per year, but Cantiere delle Marche is a start-up company, young, very passionate about its yachts, that most of all cares about long-lasting relationships with our clients, delivering high quality yachts. That’s why we prefer consolidating the processes to guarantee and confirm the competence and reliability of our Shipyard”.

Adds Vasco Buonpensiere:”I think this success is another recognition and evidence that our yachts and our client approach perfectly suits today’s owners’ expectations. Our clients comes from boats of different kinds: open, fly and even megayachts of more than 70 mt. In my opinion, this is the demonstration that, in this economic scenario, the contents make the difference: CdM offers to these Yachtmen everything is considered fundamental in post 2008 market. Cantiere delle Marche offers a winning mix: features rarely seen in vessels of this size, extra-thick steel plates, engines of heavy-duty dimensions, plus design and construction details normally found of ships with lengths of more than 40 metres. More, a strong finacial reliability of the Shipyard and a passionate team of highly selected people focussed on the client, quality and a limited production to guarantee a unique eye on the detail and a deep and personal way to relate with our clients”.

Ever since its recent foundation, Cantiere delle Marche has set out to distinguish itself, widen its strategies to an international range of clients and focussing on top building quality, a wide standard spec and unique explorer yacht products. Each ship, produced in only a limited number of units, guarantees sturdy, seaworthy performance, combined with low fuel consumption and stunning volumes.

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