Product: new Ocean Alexander 90′ scale model

February 15, 2018 by Brian
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Here’s a model we’ve been keeping under wraps for a while…
We completed this back in July 2017 (along with two smaller scale versions), but held off from showing it as Ocean Alexander will be unveiling at the Miami show…today!
This is their new Evan K Marshall designed 90’ yacht built at 1/2”=1’ scale making it 45” long!
This was completely custom built from our shop following the 3dm and dwg CAD files and features soldered in brass railings and other goodies with chrome a finish, laser cut wood decking with engraved planking lines, high/low wood tables & “granite” topped cabinetry, BBQ, bar stools, radar, sat-domes, etc. The hull and cabin “glass” is black acrylic…not paint or stickers. The model is spray painted with quality automotive finishes.
The model is bolted (concealed inside aluminum tube) to the aluminum trimmed mirror topped base fitted with a clear acrylic case.
For more photos, visit our website below…
Aggressive looking eh?
We only build quality models…
So, what can we build for you?

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