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June 22, 2012 by black
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Elegant teak decks with traditional styled deck fittings and a twin island configuration are combined with a modern sheerline and plumb bow. The recessed lounge areas behind each island are protected by a continuous coaming surrounding the elegant sitting and dining arrangements. The transom is also traditionally styled with a large overhang. The continuous bulwark around the deck complements the traditional styling of the deck and provides safety while racing and privacy while anchored. Luxurious interiors and comfortable yet functional deck arrangements complement this proposal for a yacht that is visually stunning and will provide its future owners with unparalled performance.

The powerful, yet versatile, the 55m superyacht Design 150 sailplan with swept back spreaders provides control without compromising the total sail area and fuses a classic concept with modern technology. The masts are to be built from high advancements in rigging and mast building technologies with rigging fittings, mast and spreader sections designed to minimize weight and windage. A sprit will provide a traditional aesthetic to the Design 150 yacht with geometry that blends with the sheerline and deck camber curves and alloes for ease of handling of large topmast asymmetrical spinnakers for fast reaching and running performance.

The design of the 55m luxury yacht Design 150′s hull and appendages are driven by performance with the volume for a modern and luxurious interior. The rudder shape and foil sections are the development of the company’s latest research and the steering system is optimized to provide the helmsman with full control and ease of steering under all points of sail and weather conditions. The lifting keel allows the Design 150 yacht to be docked in shallower marins while providing increased stability when fully extended for racing and cruising.

The keel foil section and bulb shapes are also developments of the company’s continuous research and refiniment of geometrics from the proven experience that Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design has in the design and construction of performance cruising yachts over 100′ with fixed, lifting and canting keels and the continuous feedback that the company receives from the owner’s captains & crews of the yachts that have successfully sailed and raced all around the world. The shapes are always focusing on performance and speed without compromising control.

With a structure designed to meet all the latest requirements for offshore racing and cruising and built using to the latest advancements in building techniques and material the Design 150 yacht will provide the owner with many years of service and will become the standard of quality and performance against which the next generations of syperyachts will be compared.

The Design 150 yacht follows in the success achieved by Reichel/Pugh over the years in designing and optimizing classic yachts for performance.

In 2000 Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design worked as the Naval Architect to recreate the 1937 Starling Burgess and Olin Stevens designed J Class charter yacht Ranger for John Williams that was built by Danish Yachts and launched in early 2004.

Reichel/Pugh was the co-naval architect on the 67m PANAMAX Classic Ketch, the HETAIROS superyacht built of high tech composites and recently launched (2011) by Baltic Yachts, Finland. On the HETAIROS project Reichel/Pugh was responsible for the development and creation of the hull llines, appendages and sail plan.

Main Specifications of the 55m luxury sailing yacht Design 150 by Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design

LOA: 54.74m
LWL: 46.06m
Beam: 9.65m
Draft (lifting keel): 4.30m – 6.20m
Displacement (lifting keel): 230,000 kgs

Deck hardware: Hydraulic Powered Winches and sail trim functions

Propulsion/Main Engine: Retractable Propulsion

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