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News: New SERION EXPLORER E60 Yacht by Motion Code: Blue

February 23, 2012 by Alex Lever
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With the SERION E60 yacht project, the design studio shows its competence in research and development (R&D) and wants to set a clear statement for future yacht design.

The SERION EXPLORER E60 yacht concept is based on a research of trends in yacht design and upcoming value shifts within the next 15 to 20 years.

The aim of SERION E60 yacht is to broaden the developing picture of future motor yachts within 60ft by elaborating changing megatrends, markets, and consumer behaviours but also focusing on unconventional functions and features within this class. This concept highlights areas of possible improvement and redefines the overall character of classic passage makers.

The SERION EXPLORER E60 yacht concept focuses on the ability of long range journeys, autarkic traveling and maximum living spaces at all climate or weather conditions and would make an excellent charter yacht.

Reasonable changes within future lifestyles prove that influences of extreme urbanization will cause an increasing demand for deceleration. It is highly expectable that the aspect of wellbeing and experiencing as well as independent and autarkic traveling will come to the fore, and the picture of fast looking dynamic yacht designs will slowly start to fade away.

The growing trend for passage makers is clearly visible in the super yacht segment, where not only the idea of long range journeys, but also the unmistakable look and feel of a moving luxury environment on any ocean of the planet makes up for the main purchasing reasons.

Comparing the growing interest for long range vessels in smaller classes and the current variety of the 60 ft-market, there is a clear gap regarding future consumers’ expectations in terms of design and product identification.

Exterior design concept:

To make up for the missing luxury appeal in many passage makers within 60ft, high emphasis was put on aesthetic and emotional, yet practicable treatment of lines, forms, and proportions across the entire hull-and superstructure-design.

The visual, functional and emotional fusion of motor yacht and sailing yacht-characteristics communicate the spirit of joyful long distance traveling as ecologically friendly as possible.

Merging an emotional luxury approach with the idea of a rough ocean-going explorer vessel, SERION E60 rather fits to the aesthetics of luxury yachts, than to conventional trawlers and passage makers of its class.

Due to this, the main deck is stretched to the bow, where it connects to the main superstructure.

Besides its new and unconventional overall appearance, the yacht offers several exterior features such as 2 balconies, one on each side of the greenhouse and a tilting bathing platform to create a huge beach club.

The wide flybridge of the SERION EXPLORER E60 yacht concept stretches itself above the whole main deck and the wheelhouse provides shade and safety.

Interior design concept:

With an unconventional division of spaces and a layout concept that is based on reduction and special utility areas, each deck on board the SERION E60 offers super yacht- inspired advantages in terms of a spacious and light flooded atmosphere.

Depending on its temporary habitation and involved climate conditions, large units of the insulation glass can be converted. Retractable panoramic windows transform the main deck to an open loft whenever desired and sliding windows within the sky-cabin, which is located behind the wheelhouse on the fly bridge, enable open air night’s right underneath the stars.

The functional design approach of the main deck enables the experience of fusing interior and exterior spaces, creating a generous feel at any spot on board. A boundless view across the entire length of the main deck subconsciously suggests a living space far bigger than 60 feet.

As the rear sliding door opens up completely, the external bar and internal kitchen unit seem to entirely merge together.

In a nutshell:

Taking typical trawlers and passage makers to another level of sophistication, the SERION EXPLORER E60 yacht concept expands the horizon of imagination towards future 60ft displacement yachts.

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