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News: New Zealand’s Yard 37 is planning to expand their facilities

April 13, 2010 by Steve Richards
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Yard 37 is located at 37 degrees south, in the “dual-harboured playground” in Auckland, New Zealand. Yard 37 is one of the very few places in the world created specifically for development, manufacture and refit of superyachts. Their plans to expand the construction potential of this breathtaking region are well under-way.

The development plans have been undertaken with Waitakere Properties who, with Yard 37, are in communication to carry out harbour dredging and land development activities in May and June this year to see a large increase in space for marine sheds.

CEO of Waitakere Properties, Greg Parker, is offering an opportunity for yacht builders to invest in the ideal surroundings of Yard 37, stating “As we get further down the consenting path we’ll be seeking to move from people saying ‘yes we think this is good’ to ‘yes we’d like to buy it’”.

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise has secured a NZ$2 million grant for Yard 37 in an interest to boost the marine infrastructure, which is very promising with 84,000 m2 of marine sheds to be built with state of the art facilities capable of housing superyachts of up to 90m in length. The development can only start, after the freehold titles to the land where the sheds will be built are sold, however they already had some serious interest from potential buyers.

Greg Parker stated: “What we are finding is that the boat builders might not be the people who own the sheds – it might be a professional investor.”

The yard boasts an environment purpose built for specialist superyacht manufacture and refit. The facility holds communal areas of development housing, common yard space and ship lifts to be shared between the title holders in a corporate-type arrangement.

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