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News: Old Is Gold – Yacht Savarona

June 18, 2009 by Superyacht Design
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In the yachting world, many yachts come in the market and then suddenly disappear into the thin air. There are only a handful of yachts that have made a mark for themselves in the competitive yachting industry. One such yacht is Motor yacht Savarona. Named after an African swan living in the Indian Ocean,Savarona is one of the most luxurious private yachts in the world.When it was built in 1931, it was the world’s most longest and largest yacht with a length of 446 feet. Designed by Gibbs & Cox and built by Blohm & Voss in Hamburg, Germany, it was owned by American heiress Emily Roebling Cadwallader, granddaughter of John A. Roebling, engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Yacht Savarona traveled to almost all parts of the world, from Atlantic to Mediterranean and South African waters, but couldn’t touch the American ports because of the potentially confiscatory import duties. This was the reason, the owner decided to sell the yacht to the Turkish Government in 1938 for a whopping price of $1 million ( A very large amount at that time).The yacht was bought as a gift for an ailing leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who could just spend six weeks on the yacht before passing away.

Then came the World War II and the yacht remained unused till 1951 at Kanlica Bay on the Bosporus before getting converted to training ship Günes Dil. In October 1979, a devastating fire at Turkish Naval Academy left the yacht abandoned for almost ten years.

In 1989, a Turkish businessman Kahraman Sadikoglu, took the yacht’s possession and decided to completely refurbished the mega yacht at Tuzla Shipyards near Istanbul for an estimate of $25 million. The renovation also included the substitution of the old steam turbine engines with a modern diesel engines.

Savarona now offers its services to the rich and famous, in the Mediterranean waters. It is now the 4th largest yacht in the world and also one of the most luxurious one. The main features of the yacht includes a 282 foot long grand staircase that connects the yacht’s decks internally. It flaunts an authentic marble Turkish bath, including a huge swimming pool, two royal Jacuzzi , two separate saunas and steam bath rooms,a movie theater, library and a hi-tech gym.

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