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Omega LV4500 45m Superyacht Design

June 12, 2009 by Yacht Designer
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The design for the superyacht LV4500 (45 m) has taken yacht design to an innovative new level. LV4500 is a completely new series of yachts, with a new look and a new approach in the functionality of mega yachts. Frank Laupman and his office Omega Architects are the designer of LV4500 45m and because of the stylistic profile this yacht can easily be recognised as a typical Laupman design.

However Frank Laupmans latest design does differ and is distinctively different from his previous yacht designs. The LV4500 yacht design has two variations for the interior General Arrangement and this ‘flexible design’ means the superyacht can be ideal for either a charter yacht, with plenty of accommodation, or a specialised private yacht.

Beauty and brains
Other features of the LV4500 mega yacht includes great stability because of a large moulded beam of 8.90 m. Also, the yachts are highly energy efficient and her medium sized engines allow the yacht to reach a maximum speed of arpound16 knots. With a cruising speed is around 13 knots and all for the fule usage of a typical 45 meter yacht traveling at a speed of 10 knots. The LV4500 superyacht series has a tender garage for two tenders and one safety tender on the bow.

About Omega Architects

Omega Architects – member of The Royal Institute of Dutch Architects – was founded by Frank Laupman in 1995. The agency employs a team of 17 architects, (interior) designers and engineers. Traffic, administration and other general tasks are handled and managed by two office clerks. Omega Architects is a multi disciplinary agency for architectural design, interior design and yacht design. Our clients are project developers, local governments, corporations, captains of industry and private persons.

The architects, engineers and designers at Omega Architects specialise in complex city planning projects, mostly concerning infill locations and housing. We design both the exteriors and the interiors, because only a perfect connection between the two will make one feel comfortable in and around a building. Our creativity knows no boundaries. Even where the borders of land fade into the sea, we make clients feel at home. By designing yachts that completely satisfy their personal wishes, on the outside as well as on the inside.

About Frank Laupman, head designer.

“At all times, Omega Architects aims to design for complex projects in the field of architecture, interior and yacht design. In essence, we want to remain architects and feel comfortable working in teams with our clients and others at the same time.”

Frank Laupman, 2008.

Frank Laupman graduated in 1981 with a master degree in architecture and city planning and worked for OD 205, the architects firm that developed all the sites and buildings for the Technical Universities of Delft and Eindhoven in Holland. Frank was attracted by both architecture and design, for which reason he entered a design contest for Volvo Car, in order to design a successor for the famous 340 series. He became a finalist.

Frank developed an interest in large yachts, he has always thought of them as a merger of architecture and design. He joined the PB Design Team of Pieter Beeldsnijder between 1983 and 1985, where he worked on the 40m Luisamar and the 50 m Jefferson Beach motor yachts. After this period, he joined Heesen Yachts as the key person for their in house Diaship Design Team, where he developed the ‘streamline’ image of the Heesen fleet.

Omega Architects have also been selected as a finalist for two yachts for the at the world superyacht awards.

- Motor yacht ‘Man of Steel’ is nominated in the category: best displacement motor yacht of 500 GT to 1299 GT
- Motor yacht ‘Elandess’ is awarded in the category: best displacement motor yacht of below 500 GT

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