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News: The Aeroyacht 110 Luxury Catamaran

July 5, 2009 by Superyacht Design
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“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, is what John Keats said decades ago in one of his poem. Times have changed and so has the technology, for the reason these words will be reiterated, is not an inanimate thing but a new innovative catamaran concept by Aeroyacht – The Aeroyacht 110 Luxury Catamaran. This catamaran design is “ahead of time” and when this beautiful catamaran superyacht is built she will be more than just “worthy enough” to satisfy anyone’s fantasy.

Gregor Tarjan, a multihull and catamaran enthusiast and yacht expert, and Pete Melvin, the renowned yacht designer, are the reasons behind this “dreamy” thing. This luxurious multihull catamaran will be the first of its kind to possess a hi-tech design. (Just hi-tech design, would probably be an understatement.


This Aeroyacht 110 Luxury Catamaran has not been designed like any other conventional way. Generally a multihull is designed, by first, keeping the luxurious aspects in mind such as state rooms, state of art facilities, two to three decks etc. But this catamaran has been designed the other way round. The designing process was initiated by keeping a picture of a pure sailing machine in mind.

First, a beautiful streamlined shape was provided to the Aeroyacht 110 Luxury Catamaran design by keeping the most important aspect of weight in mind for this is supposed to be a high speed catamaran. Once the exterior design was made, the interiors were planned by fitting 3 large VIP suites instead of 6 small staterooms, which aptly suits the concept.

The multihull of the luxury catamaran is of a unique type known as the multiple chines hull which is generally seen in sailboats and fine motor yachts. This hulls increase structural stiffness, stability and performance due to its less wetted surface and improved esthetics. When the yacht is in motion the entire forward section will come out of the water providing least resistance.

One peculiar feature of this 110 footer catamaran is her Asymmetric dagger boards which are generally seen on small sized catamaran. The function of this retractable dagger boards is to increased windward performance and safety at sea. It also enables the yacht to sail closely to the wind which gives it a flying experience.

One more safety feature of the asymmetric boards is that they prevent the yacht from tripping over the waves when the yacht is in motion, for the yacht offers no resistance and can slide sideways. These boards also help in reducing draft and attain a beautiful private anchorages.

Another special feature of the team behind the Aeroyacht 110 Luxury Catamaran is that, apart from the yacht designers, it also has aeronautical engineers and structural designers who use complex computer programs specifically used for designing an aircraft. This helps is keeping the structure light and strong enough to face the roughest winds.

This super catamaran can attain a maximum speed of 32 knots and can effortlessly cruise at 20 knots, with supreme comfort and safety.

LOA: 110.05′ – 33.55m
Beam: 44.04′ – 13.68m
Min. Draft: 6.4′
Max. Draft: 12.8′
AWL: 139′ – 42.39m
Disp.: 55 Tons (120,000 lbs)

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