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News: Outfitting Procedure Begins for Amnesia IV

September 8, 2009 by Superyacht Design
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The hull of the Amnesia IV has been transferred to the outfitting shed from the welding shed. The hull FB252, the future Amnesia IV, when finished with the welding job has been scheduled a tentative launch date of 2010.

The 65- meter Amnesia IV is being constructed by the Italian yacht builders, Benetti and has been designed by Redman Whiteley Dixon. Amnesia IV is a custom-yacht, which is being made for an English owner who has used Benetti for three times before this.
The yacht has been designed by the finest Benetti naval architects and her contemporary hull and superstructure are developed using technology normally employed by the automotive industry. Amnesia IV is a highly awaited yacht that truly features its own individuality in the yachting industry through unique technology and contemporary design.

It is expected that the fully finished yacht will be unveiled in 2011.

Benetti Yachts

Redman Whiteley Dixon Ltd

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  1. PowerYachtBlog

    PowerYachtBlog on September 8, 2009

    Benetti going for a straight bow…
    will it loose some of its flair, up front it surely did

  2. Superyacht Design

    Superyacht Design on September 8, 2009

    hmm… will reserve by views till d yacht is fully done:)

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