News: Outstanding Cuisine on 185’ Charter Sailing Yacht Regina

November 4, 2011 by NJyachtcharters
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Recently, Northrop and Johnson Yacht Charters (http://www.njcharters.com ) was on board Regina, a newly launched 185’ sailing yacht built by Pruva in Bodrum, Turkey and now available for crewed yacht charter along the southern coast of Turkey for a total of 12 guests. We can personally attest to the outstanding on board cuisine to be enjoyed by all charter guests when on board sailing yacht Regina for a crewed yacht charter. Chef Sezgin Topkara under Captain Yusuf Kalmaz, is a terrific Chef, especially for his specialty, fresh Turkish food, which is a must try for every one as part of the charter experience while on a crewed yacht charter along the ancient trading route in Turkey. On boarding, we were delighted to be heralded by the Chef with a special Turkish dish, fresh grouper baked in a salt casing which is not only an outstanding presentation, but is also a wonderful way to cook fresh fish and one of our favorites. When the fish is baked encased in the thick salt crust, the fish is steamed within the casing, becoming beautifully moist, very flavorful, and hard to beat.

Each morning for breakfast on deck, we were greeted with fresh squeezed orange juice and a full complement of fresh fruits, vegetables, olives, cheeses, fresh baked breads, including homemade Kalamata Olive rolls which were to die for, and thick Turkish yogurt served with wild cherry jam and local honey. Of course, fresh eggs cooked any way you wanted and other hot items were always available.

In Turkey, the fresh fruit, which includes melons, peaches and various varieties of figs, is all vine ripened, sun kissed and exudes a fresh fruit perfume when brought to the table. The vegetables, including cucumbers and tomatoes, are also always vine ripened and outstanding. Within the great variety of vegetables available locally grown in Turkey, we had fava beans, homemade hummus, water spinach in yogurt, green beans in fresh tomato sauce, eggplant salad, and stuffed peppers. All accompanied great main dishes such as grilled lamb ribs, calamari stuffed with shrimp, fresh sautéed fish, and grilled steaks. Desserts served included hot chocolate lava cakes, fruit tarts, crème caramel, and chocolate soufflé along with a selection of the beautiful local fresh fruits.

Every meal, while we were on board cruising along the southern coast of Turkey, which is one of our favorite charter locations, was exceptional. Chef Sezgin will be on board the sailing yacht Regina for the next summer season for crewed yacht charter for a yacht charter itinerary in the beautiful clear turquoise waters of Turkey and the Greek Islands, and will continue, we are sure, to present great outstanding on board cuisine not to be missed.

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