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March 9, 2012 by lucy
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The Mangusta Oceano 148 Yacht is a transoceanic vessel with a range of 4000 nautical miles, that offers owners a previously unachieved level of comfort, through integration of the most modern technologies and the most advanced on-board equipment available on the market.

As far as the appearance of the shuttle is concerned Overmarine continues to amaze, establishing new parameters in terms of exterior design. The Superyacht Mangusta Oceano 148 has a great personality as she is the expression of the evolution of the sporty lines of the modern Maxi-Open Mangusta models, fruit of over 25 years’ experience in naval design.

The layout and interiors can be completely personalised according to the style, taste and demands of each individual owner. Of the possible solutions available, the one bearing the signature of architect Carlo Colombo stands out for its modern, unconventional style. The interiors are a harmonious synthesis of style choices and materials, enhanced in the study of detail and refined solutions which further improve the generous spaces. The conversation and t.v. areas can either be separated or joined, thanks to a system of sliding panels that strongly characterise the environment; the warm colours, natural woods and burnished metals create a cosy, relaxing atmosphere. The spacious night area has the feel of an elegant, extremely comfortable suite thanks to the choice of fabrics and wood panelling.

The Mangusta Oceano 148 superyacht stands out from the technical and technological points of view, too. She can reach a speed of 16 knots and features a hull and superstructure in GPR advanced composite material, some parts of which are infusion.

Moreover, she has a gross tonnage of less than 500 tonnes, which positively affects management costs, as well as 30% more walkable space compared with similar yachts: two decisive features in the strategic positioning of the 148 on the international market of luxury pleasure boating yachts.

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