News: P.B. Behage-designed Nostalgic 28.28 Yacht Concept

May 24, 2013 by black
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Idea behind the new 28,28m superyacht Nostalgic is an easy to handle yacht by family and with every modern amenity to ensure comfort coupled with performance. Beautifully proportioned with every facility on board. Moreover the accommodation’s technical layout was designed to be spacious and comfortable but focusing more on the practicality with clear taut interior lines, as featured in the full-beam Owner’s room.

Ceiling height of the accommodation areas is 2.15 meter. The sun deck has a Jacuzzi, bar with BBQ, lounge/dinning, sofas/sits and sunbathing area and an exceptional view.

Nostalgic 28.28 yacht concept is designed with respect for the ocean, her hull is subdivided into five compartments that are divided by bulkheads with watertight sliding or hinged doors.

Round bilge hull lines with flared bow section and a transom stern, improved hull hydrostatics and zero speed active fin stabilizer will optimize sea keeping and maneuverability, but important is also the diminished level of noise and vibration, ensuring that the Nostalgic 28.28 yacht concept is suited for an optimum stay during cruising.

The propulsion by twin diesel-electric engines will enable an efficient speed and lower running cost during cruising long distances or when moored.

Various layouts based on the same hull are available, however Behage will soon present the Wheelhouse version. Nostalgic 28.28 yacht concept is one of five models in this range.

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