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News: PANAMA YACHT CHARTER and World Tour for luxury sailing catamaran ROSE OF JERICHO

October 29, 2013 by Yacht Charter
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Built by JFA Yachts and designed by Joubert Nivelt, luxury sailing catamaran ROSE OF JERICHO (ex Sun Tenareze) is an exceptional and well maintained charter yacht currently available for Caribbean yacht charter. She is also preparing for a circumnavigation around the world, which would include Panama yacht charter, San Blas Islands, Panama Canal, as well as Las Perlas Archipelago (The Pearl Islands), Costa Rica, Galapagos, through to South Pacific and Polynesia. The exact route will depend on bookings and itinerary suggestions based on your requirements, desires and dreams. ROSE OF JERICHO superyacht and her professional staff will ensure your experience during the Panama yacht vacation or any other destination you might choose, will be the best you have ever had.

Refitted in 2012, ROSE OF JERICHO catamaran is in optimum condition, offering lovely accommodation and great comfort to six charter guests on board. The elegance of her lines, combined with the latest in technology, comfortable accommodation and exceptional performance make her an ideal charter vessel.

ROSE OF JERICHO is a superb Panama charter boat, providing three double cabins, accessible on either side of the saloon. One of the guest cabins boats V-shaped twin beds. The VIP cabin located aft has a full double bed in the middle with full access to each side. Both cabins have en-suite bathrooms with a shower and a toilet.

The master stateroom boasts a writing desk, long hanging lockers behind mirrors facing the bathroom with closed shower and a separate toilet. The room is elegant, spacious and comfortable.

Luxury yacht ROSE OF JERICHO’s interior is welcoming and warm, boasting large panoramic windows allowing for plenty of natural light to enter the saloon which has been fitted with light coloured sofas, combined with lovely woodwork. The cockpit saloon spreads over the full beam of Rose of Jericho and features an American style bar, stereo sound system and a flat screen TV, all integrated into the woodwork.


Panama yacht holiday offers plenty of adventures with captivating encounters, and when experiences aboard a luxury boat, it turns into an unprecedented, relaxed vacation with the advantage of great flexibility. Personalised itinerary will allow you to choose exactly what you wish to see and do, moving from place to place without having to pack your bags each time.

In addition to just relaxing on board or on the beach – simply enjoying your holiday in peace, there are plenty of activities to do, including snorkelling, kaiaking, windsurfing, stand-up surf, wake boarding, trekking, diving or taking diving lessons, walking or running on the beaches, visiting charming little villages and small towns.



San Blas is renowned as a typical tropical paradise and Panama’s gold, emerald, coral and lapis lazuli necklace. The islands represent a wonderful biosphere of breathtaking human and natural beauty. Colours of cobalt and turquoise of the sea are adorned with fascinating coral gardens, palm islands and white sandy beaches as well as the unique thatched-roof Kuna villages. The self-governing Kunas are passionately protecting their environment and represent one of the few pure races existing in the world.


The history of Panama Canal leads back to 16th century and your captain will surely be able to talk you through its fascinating history. It is a 77.1km (48mi) ship canal that connects the Atlantic Ocean, via the Caribbean Sea, with the Pacific Ocean. It cuts across the Isthmus of Panama.


A group of 200 and more islands and islets that are lying about 30 miles off the Pacific coast of Panama in the Gulf of Panama are another stunning destination to add to your Panama yacht charter vacation. The largest island is the Isla del Rey. San Jose is the second largest of the Pearl Islands and boasts splendorous white coral, ebony black and radiant gold beaches and coves, embedded between the temperate and calm turquoise waters. The waters of San Jose abound in tropical game fish and are considered among the best fishing grounds around the world.


Winter 2013/14:

Caribbean – Windward Islands

Central America, Bahamas, South Pacific

Caribbean – Virgin Islands

Mexico – West Coast

Caribbean – Leeward Islands

Summer 2014:

Caribbean – Windward Islands

Central America, Bahamas, Florida

South Pacific

Caribbean – Virgin Islands

Mexico – West Coast

Caribbean – Leeward

Winter 2014/15:

Central America

South America

South Pacific



Please contact our charter brokers here: http://www.charterworld.com/news/panama-yacht-charter-world-tour-luxury-sailing-catamaran ... should you have enquiries about a specific destination, including San Blas Islands, Bimini Islands, Panama Canal and Las Perlas Archipelago,Costa Rica, Galapagos, South Pacific or Polynesia, in addition to the above mentioned destinations.

The 2014, 2015 and 2016 plans will follow bookings and client’s enquiries. This is a great time to enquire with suggestions for an itinerary and organise an exciting cruising charter holiday to the destinations of your dreams.

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