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October 7, 2012 by derinblu
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Explore Southern Turkey on a fabulous party on boat holiday. Book your special event yacht charter in Turkey and create a celebration that you can organize with your yacht charter agent for an exciting vacation aboard a luxury yacht hire. Discover how much fun it can be in the Mediterranean with your family and friends.

Turkey offers an abundance of exciting harbors and bays to visit. If you are keen on having a party on boat occassion, you can have it all set up on board a Turkish wooden gulet boat or even a motor yacht. Attach to this an itinerary of the most popular harbors and places to see along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, then collect your group, and have the best time ever. Your yacht cruise holiday is a week long, the private yacht hire is yours for this time frame and you have your own crew to serve you throughout this trip. How much better can this get?

Let’s take the colorful, exciting and bustling city of Bodrum. Rich in nightlife and restaurants with International cuisine, Bodrum boasts the perfect atmosphere to begin your party on boat cruise. Your itinerary can then lead you to continue to the Eastern Mediterranean and drop anchor in Marmaris where the nightlife, clubs, restaurants and bars all neighbor each other parallel along the quayside. After a few nights in and around that region, your yacht cruise can lead you to the crowding waters in the Fethiye region where you can dance until the sun comes up – first on boat and then on land. This one way itinerary can also include the Greek Islands as well. Rhodes is known to offer one of the best times in nightlife and entertainment. So between your yacht hire and your ports of call in Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and even Greece; your party can fulfill your pleasures for a great time in Turkey’s turquoise waters.

The fun is only limited by your imagination. So go for it and take the plunge!

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