Q & A: Photos of SY Imagine

March 18, 2010 by rt

I’m looking for photographs of the yacht “Imagine” – (sailing or at anchor.) She’s a 110 foot sloop, has a flag blue hull and has travelled extensively through the Pacific, Caribbean, North America, Cape Horn, SE Asia and Europe. This is the yacht: http://www.duboisyachts.com/Yachts/Imagine/

Please contact me if you have any images of the yacht on file or are you able to point me to someone who may. (I have access to all the official photographs – looking for pictures which may have been taken of her by crew, visitors, guests on other yachts and so on.)

Many thanks,
Ralph Talmont

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  1. Monaco Yacht Spotter

    Monaco Yacht Spotter on March 18, 2010

    Welcome Ralph. Yes the dubois/alloy yachts sailing yacht Imagine was moored below my place in Monaco for a month or two last year, or was it the year before? I took some photos of her because she is a really beautiful yacht. How can i expalin? Just nicely balanced; she’s a yachtsman’s yacht. I think Imagine is one of the success stories of modern sailing superyachts and she really helped kick off the dubois/alloy yachts story. Anyway, I had a look through my photos but just cant find one of her. I have so many now. I found one here and added in to LY, that may interest you, hope this helps for now: http://www.liveyachting.com/yacht-imagine-by-dubois-alloy-yachts-2

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