Profile: PI Marine

March 17, 2010 by rgionfriddo
PI Marine
Year Established: 1995
Services/Goods Offered: yacht supplies
Languages: English
Operating Locations: Worldwide

Today’s super yachts continue to embody escalating levels of luxury performance with limitless degrees of sophistication while offering an exceptional and truly extraordinary voyage.

Positioned on the forefront of technology, PI Marine is a leader in the conceptualizing design, engineering, project management, installation and continuing support of these on-board installations. With a staff of seasoned craftsmen and an award winning history of over 10 years, our team has mastered several disciplines in today’s ever changing technologies.

PI Marine seamlessly integrates all this functionality and technology into a robust system incorporating intuitive automation and management right at your fingertips. Your imagination combined with our proficiency in deploying current technologies through outstanding functionality and stunning design, will craft your dreams into reality.

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