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September 1, 2012 by derinblu
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Private Yacht Charter Turkey – If you have ever dreamed about sailing in the Mediterranean, and thought to explore the open seas aboard majestic Turkish sailboats called gulets? These elegant private yacht charters are organized only to please her guests while cruising the turquoise waters of the Turkish Riveria. That is not to say that they don’t explore further south to the Greek Islands. They do. Blue voyage travels can extend to many different ports of call. From the Eastern Mediterranean shores of Turkey to the Aegean waters of ancient Greece and its fascinating islands groups galore.

Each type and class of Turkish gulet comes with a crew. Every crew is different from the next as are the guests who board. The wonderful thing about private luxury gulet charters is each time there is a cruise, not only are the gulets and the crew different, but also the cruise itinerary is just as different. What this means really is, there are less of a scheduled trip and more of the go with the flow type of yacht charter. Meal times can change. Anchorage points can change. The fun on board can vary and the whole cruising and sailing experience. This is all based on the atmosphere on board as well as the weather conditions.

The whole point of these Turkish private yacht charters is to be relaxed, to unwind, have fun, visit and explore, and the simply enjoy yourself with the freedom that is available. Let the crew think about the meal times or sailing and other services. If you are hungry outside of a expected meal time, then let it be known. After all it is a private gulet cruise and the crew are there to cater to in the best manner possible. However while with all this splendid holiday time freedom, there are certain moments when the decisions are up to the captain on board. Particularly with the sailing part. Certain conditions need to be met in order to take pleasure on a gulet charter in Turkey.

Relax and enjoy a private yacht cruise from Turkey
All in all, a private yacht charter in Turkey, is a holiday style where these majestic Turkish sailboats are aimed to please their guests. So have fun and enjoy a superb holiday at sea!

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