News: Promotech’s custom lighting for 49m Rossi Navi superyacht POLARIS

October 14, 2014 by ss
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The lighting details on board luxury yacht Polaris are all integrated in furniture and different material seen nearly in all rooms. The main saloon hosts a large size backlit onyx/travertine book-match wall giving a timeless elegance and luxurious feeling. “We are experts in merging natural stone and light together, a technique that we have worked on for years. Our experience in calculating the light diffusion and the translucency of the material makes all projects exclusive and a balance between art and design.” – Claudio Giampaoli.

Promotech offers an unique plug & play solution protecting the breakage of the stone parts during maintenance which makes them an ideal partner for various project applications such as wet areas, large formats and in steppable configurations. With strategic partners in the stone sector they are able to offer even the installation, guaranteeing high standards and excellent final results.

One of Promotech’s key product is the slim led panel S.L.P., a planar light source where the light is diffused perfectly homogenous over the surface eliminating point shadows and undesired cone light effects typical of halogen or LED spots. The spread of light emission over a larger surface eradicates glare and the S.L.P can be monochromatic, dynamic white or RGB.

The S.L.P. can be custom shaped and drilled for technical reasons or installations purposes without interrupting the light spread. The S.L.P. has a thickness of less than 20mm and can be personalized closed to 3000 x 1500mm. Double emitting sides for semi-translucent installations are also commonly used. The slim led panel S.L.P. is so versatile that can be used as a decoration or as general lighting.

The entire Polaris yacht has also integrated lighting details for general and direct illumination. To lit up all the furniture and interior décor Promotech has installed the Luxyflat strip led in various versions to fit the particular ambiences. The Luxyflat series are flexible and easy to work with and gives a seemless light with high CRI. The series also come in various colour temperatures such as cool, natural, warm and waterproof versions. In addition to the lighting systems provided, Promotech has also supplied the first ever mirror finish touch switches with multiple functions completely made in Italy.

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