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June 30, 2009 by Yachtie
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Rainsford Mann Design (RSD) have recently designed the 80.5 metre Eco motor yacht, simply called ECO YACHT. Two of the main green technologies employed in the design include a vertical wind turbine and Sky Sail machinery.

Environmentally friendly yacht design unquestionably represents the future as good eco design benefits the yacht owner’s experience and pocket, as well as the environment.

This new motor yacht design was brought about by a Rainsford Mann study of the potential technologies and operations that could be implemented to improve efficiency and renewable energy as well as reduce waste. The ECO YACHT by RSD offers the comparative reduction in the carbon and ecological footprint of a luxury yacht. She will also reduce the high yacht ownership operating costs and increase the comfort for passengers.

An important consideration in RSD’s design was to be able to achieve challenging carbon enery reduction whilst simultaneously accommodating the superyacht’s owner and 12 total guests in luxury. In effect the green attributes of the yacht were not to not to compromise the enjoyment of the luxury yacht and there is to be an almost symbiotic relationship between the two core concepts.

Some important features of the eco friendly luxury yacht design:

- A foredeck launched Sky Sail system reduces fuel consumption by up to 50% on open water. The skysail can harness the power of the wind at altitudes up to 300m above sea level. Skysails are already being used in Commercial shipping.

- Around 100 sqm of total Solar Electric Panels and a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine on the superyacht’s bow can charge at up to 30kW. This is the same electricity created by a reasonably sized generator and it can be used to power some of the low energy systems on board such as the long lasting LED lighting throughout the luxury yacht.

- The superyacht design has a balcony which folds out from the side of the owner’s suite to create an open-air platform above the water.

- Not to reduce the fun, the water toys onboard would include a 9metre Limousine, an 8metre Dive Boat and 3 Jet skis, stored in aft tender garages, with a 4.5m Rescue Tender and additional jet skis stored in a forward garage.

- Electrically driven Azipull Thrusters are charged by ultra efficient generators.

- When the luxury motor yacht is underway vibrations, noise and emissions produced at a low speed would be reduced thanks to these generators that are able to be staged according to power requirement. This also reduces any ecological impact when mooring near fragile environments such as coral reefs.

- Water Filled Solar Heating Panels absorb the sun’s heat which is used to drive an absorption chiller which can then reduce the air temperature within the vessel, thereby reducing load on the air conditioning systems.

- The superyacht’s absorption chiller system can also be driven by excess heat energy onboard the vessel such as that being produced by the generators.

- Further reductions in AC load can be achieved by naturally ventilating the yacht with cool air. This cool air is drawn through shaded seawater by using specially treated glazing combined together with external shutters to reduce Infra-Red heat transmission to the interior.

Rainsford Mann Design are also able to provide their clients with various methods of maximising yacht efficiency. There are proven technologies and methods now available in new build luxury yacht construction which help reduce running costs and improve the yacht owner’s experience. Contemporary yacht design and management should now incorporate green technologies in the creation and refitting of superior superyachts.

General Description of the 80M Eco Superyacht:

LOA 80.5 m, Class MCA LY2, Beam 13m

Engineering: 2 x 2050 kW Diesel Generators, 2 x Pulling Azimuth Drives, 2 x 550 kW Gensets

Hull: Lightweight Aluminium And Composite

Guests 14 This includes Owners and 2 x VIP suites, Crew 20

10kw Wind Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
20kw (100 Square Metres) Of High Efficiency Solar Panelling
Bolidt Liquid Teak Alternative

Tenders / Toys
A 9m Limousine Tender, a 8m Dive/Sports Rib, 4m Mob Rib, 3 x 2 Man Jet Skis, 12 x Dive Gear (Including Compressors), 1 x Collapsable 2 Man Dive Decompression Chamber.

About Rainsford Mann Yacht Design:

RMD Marine, Rainsford Mann Design offers a complete service in luxury super yacht design anf the London based company provides a full spectrum of services such as interior design & naval architecture, exterior design, a ‘one-stop’ design service for innovative new-build & refurbishment super yacht projects.

RMD Marine, Rainsford Mann Design presently has a stunning 170 meter (558ft) megayacht on the drawing board as well as a 49 meter (144ft) displacement motr yacht and a 30m (98ft) production type yacht.

Their website and contacts can be found at: http://www.international-yacht-designers.com/

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