Revolutionized Gulet Sailing in Turkey

March 11, 2012 by yachtcharterluxury

The birthplace of Turkish gulets began once upon a time in the historical and culturally distinctive city of Bodrum. Legendary gulets were created and handcrafted in the decades old shipyards – passed on from father to son. It is claimed that gulets are not properly rigged for sailing however history proves evolution and now Mediterraean and Aegean sailing is quite easily accomplished with originally built gulets in Bodrum.

The two-masted Turkish yachts began as commercial vessels that were designed to transport goods along the Turkish coastline. Gulets were meant to keep the cargo on board safe and dry throughout the year, therefore they were crafted with the importance of stability.

However, Bodrum, has revolutionized the design and technical usability of traditional gulets. Turkish gulets maintain the fundamental characteristics of stability, for the comfort and safety of their guests. Many of the manufactured gulets in Bodrum, feel very stable and safe, compared with that of other types of sailing yachts, even with the sails completely raised. It is not quite often that one will see a gulet to operating solely on the power of the wind. Gulets need to use the combination of both the wind and its engine; hence the term motorsailer deems suitable.

The whole experience of being on a gulet is quite similar to that of cruising on a trawler yacht. Gulets pace slowly so that guests on board can enjoy the surrounding scenery during the gulet cruise holidays. Some people can experience seasickness on trips out at sea; however it is known that due to the weight of the design and construction of gulets they find that gulets are more comfortable than any other style of yachts in this region.

From sponge boats, cargo vessels and subsequently luxury sailing vessels, thanks to the Bodrum yacht building industry, it has been revolutionized to provide the best sailing and cruising experiences on the waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas.

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