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October 13, 2009 by rivadezza27
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Industry: Yacht Building
Year Established: 1998
Services/Goods Offered: build yachts
Languages: English
Operating Locations: Worldwide

Rivadezza is the latest venture of a Norwegian naval architect group which has been designing custom made boats since the 1970’s for various boat companies in Scandinavia and European.

Our company uses composite-carbon fibre structural hulls in combination with the latest technology and eco-friendly materials. Combining this with the latest engine and propulsion systems, we have managed to produce a light weight, safe, fuel efficient and extremely comfortable vessel.

Rivadezza enables a very smooth ride even in rough sea conditions due to its unique hull construction (a new naval academy invention) and its jet stream turbine. Our design maximizes the development of the aircushion between the hull and water, which in turn, minimizes friction in order to save fuel and increase performance and speed. We offer a 30 year hull warranty which is the longest available in the boat and yacht industry.

Rivadezza combines Scandinavian naval technology with Italian design. It utilises the very latest technology to produce a quality boat where every centimetre has been used to maximize its practicality with uncompromised design.


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  1. PowerYachtBlog

    PowerYachtBlog on October 13, 2009

    the 65 is actually a Princess 67
    and the one above titled as your 60 looks like Windy 53 Balios
    whatever the case, best of luck for this new venture, but I hope for more original designs

  2. rivadezza27

    rivadezza27 on October 13, 2009

    Thank you for your comment but we have a wide arange of design and if you are interest I can show you :)

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