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News: Royal Huisman’s Huisfit refits the 40m Lurssen yacht BE MINE (ex Leonora)

November 12, 2012 by Alex Lever
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The work schedule included paintjob of underwater body, steel hull and superstructure; construction work including updates to sun deck, main deck and portholes; replacement of teak decks; service work to board systems; interior modifications including updates to upholstery; updates to electronics (entertainment, navigation and communication) and to electrics.

Be Mine yacht’s Captain Mikael Andersson comments: “In a long career I have been to enough yards to understand that every project has its problems, and that every yard has its strengths and weaknesses. This was my first project with Huisman and what impressed me was their constructive response to whatever issues arose. I think this has something to do with continuity: they are one of the few yards left that is not constantly changing its management. They understand that taking care of their workers equates to taking care of their clients, and that’s something unusual in this industry. As for the project itself, the project management process was very good. I like the fact that you can level with the people and get straight answers while still enjoying the working relationship.

You can even talk to the workers and sub-contractors (which many yards would never allow) and bounce ideas off them to get to the heart of the matter. There is, in fact, a totally different work ethic here – you are invited to join project team meetings, which are very open, nothing is hidden from you, because what they are interested in is problem solving – that’s one of their great strengths. One unexpected issue was
their selection of a sub-contractor for the paint job. I was aware that subcontractors would be involved but I wanted to be sure of Huisman paint quality here. The yard team set out their reasons and their confidence in the result – most importantly for me, they emphasised that they will always stand behind the work.

The skills and standards in Northern Europe are vastly superior to those you will find in the Med: I expect the top yards to deliver top quality and we certainly got that here. As for budget and timing, it’s only natural on a project of this age that some unexpected things crop up, and they did. The budget and schedule had to be flexed to accommodate them, but otherwise we were comfortably enough on track.

Two things stand out from this project: first, a beautifully refitted and enhanced yacht; and second, having been made to feel every bit as important to the yard as any client for a major custom newbuild. The family mentality has gone from Wolter (who I knew), to Alice, and through to the team – right down to the last worker.”

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