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News: Royale Oceanic Launches New Information Management System – Royale Oceanic D-ISM system

September 18, 2009 by Superyacht News
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Royale Oceanic is a cutting edge company, built upon traditional values of skill, respect, discretion, professionalism and an ethos of distinction developed over 50 years of unsurpassed experience – the pedigree to serve the most discerning clientele in a modern and rapidly evolving industry. The company blends commercial capability and technical supremacy, which enables it to deliver only the very best and highest quality services in the competitive yacht industry.

Royale Oceanic recently announced the launch of its new Royale Oceanic D-ISM system (Documentation – Information System Management) – a new, secure system for simplifying the day to day management of regulatory documentation at sea. Documentation and paperwork is a cumbersome task for a yacht’s crew. The main objective of the system is to ease the high workload of captains, officers and crews in dealing with the seemingly vast amount of paperwork required to operate yachts within legal constraints and comply with regular updates and revisions. The company spent several months to research, develop and test the product in live operations before offering it to their existing fleet of yachts under management.

The company did adequate research, working with captains and crew to develop and test the system before considering the product launch. Once ready, the product was tested in the real yachting environment with reviews and inputs from the yacht’s crew. This method helped the company to claim the accuracy and simplicity of the product and also validate the same. The Royale Oceanic D-ISM is specifically designed to alleviate the majority of documentation work, saving time and costs, as well as automatically providing a secure back-up to the entire portfolio of yacht’s documents and records.


The main advantage of the product is that the yacht’s documents and records are held off the yacht on a secure ‘shore side’ server, and this ‘documentation’ can be used and updated whenever needed. This enables all the parties involved in managing the yacht in ‘reading from the same page’ on a real time basis. Additionally, in the event of a ship computer system ‘crash’ the documentation can immediately be retrieved from the secure Royale Oceanic server.

The product is simple and robust with a sensible level of automation to avoid user error. Moreover, there are automatic downloads, via a totally secure internet link and the yacht can access the documents via the Royale Oceanic D-ISM interface. An additional feature of automatic update facilitates all M-Notices on the yacht’s server to automatically update by the Royale Oceanic shore side server. Importantly, the system is also designed to operate when out of range of the internet, but immediately and automatically update all documentation once the vessel is back in broadband range.

The system is scheduled to be launched automatically and will become live at 14:30 hrs on Thursday 24th September as The Red Arrows start their display over The Monaco Yacht Show. Royale Oceanic is also a proud joint sponsor with the fellow British industry colleagues.

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