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April 7, 2012 by sailingcharterturkey
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We all know what sailing holidays are, right? Well at least have an idea. The term “sailing holidays” sounds so cliché. What if we said to you “sailing holidays made to order”? It may somewhat throw you off a bit. However, that is exactly what we mean. When you decide on a sailing charter holiday, it can be turned into just about any type of holiday package you like.

If you are an active outdoors type of person then you might like to charter a yacht but also add some other types of activities to combine a custom made-to-order sailing holiday. This can be travels such as biking, hiking, golf, jeep tours, sky diving, and anything else that suits your fancy. So in essence a sailing charter is not just that, it can certainly be more. With the right organization at the right destination points, the sky’s the limit, so-to-speak.

At, we can organize different types of holidays with all the right ingredients to give you a very satisfying Blue Cruise gulet charter in Turkey.

Would you like to add health therapy to your sailing holiday in Turkey? The Mediterranean is full of places that have natural springs and places where you can take mud baths. The most famous of them all is the one in the town of Dalyan.

Dalyan offers many therapeutic hot springs. The waters contain radioactive elements and sulphur, which are believed to cure certain health problems.

The mud baths are also said to not only remedy rheumatism but also cleanse and beautify the skin. Once covered in the mud, you wait for few minutes for it to dry. Then you wash yourself from the mud, in the sulphur pool. Mud bath is at a temperature of 40 degrees. While many people do not believe in any scientific logic or health benefits of mud, it is also really great fun for playing around in, when you rub it on your body and have your photos taken!

Trekking, hunting or biking gets you outdoors and gives you a pleasant change – where you won’t be restricting yourself to just the sea but also sharing your time in paradise on land. Trekking excursions and cycling tours in Turkey can also be a part of your yacht charter itinerary. There are so many places of interest and ideal trekking paths to explore with ancients cities and other ruins along the way. If this is something that would interest you, just let us know and we’ll integrate it into your gulet charter itinerary.

You might like to add a jeep safari, or a quad safari, maybe even a horse safari to your gulet sailing holiday. The combinations are endless. It’s really about how creative and active you wish to be.

So for your next sailing yacht charter holiday in Turkey, contact us to discuss what style of activities will satisfy your yacht charter holiday pleasures.

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