News: Sale of Darwin Class 102’ nd Nauta Air 108’ Yachts by Cantiere delle Marche

December 19, 2014 by black
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CdM Nauta Air 108’ yacht: a displacement yacht in steel and aluminum, conceived in all its particulars for the Americas, with an especially reduced draft. In addition to the usual features of an Explorer yacht (over-engineering, redundancies, great seaworthiness, transpacific autonomy, etc.), this yacht designed by Nauta Design boasts ample outside spaces that culminate in a 70-square meter sun deck and, on the main deck, a real beach club that is in direct contact with the water. This is a particularly innovative alternative to having a beach club in the place that is usually dedicated to garage space. To CdM, another important feature of this boat is the 7.5-meter beam platform built to accommodate a layout that includes a master cabin on the main deck. On the technical side, besides the usual features also found in the Darwin Class, this boat will be fitted with a latest generation Dynamic Positioning System, along with a highly sophisticated navigation system, a ship-owner’s toy garage with side access door (the two tenders will be positioned externally, like on the Explorer yacht), and a Bulb (a CdM first-time feature). The interiors will be appointed by Italian designers and will include tactile and luxury surfaces.

Darwin Class 102’ yacht: the sister ship to the Darwin Class 102’ sold in February and designed by Sergio Cutolo of Hydrotec, this Explorer distinguishes itself thanks to an important modification brought to the stern, its particularly convivial layout, and special attention to the toys that are housed in its enormous garage. The very spacious stern platform can accommodate a five-meter tender, whereas the upper deck can hold a 6.20-meter one. During long voyages, the first one can also be put on the upper deck. At the Client request, a management team was involved in the ship-building process and was tasked with configuring the yacht for extended navigation, especially in the Caribbean and in the waters of South America, and for getting the most out of the Charter market. In answer to the many requests received by the shipyard in recent years, there will finally be a Darwin Class available for the Charter market.

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