News: Sanlorenzo launch 8th SD122 superyacht THERAPY

July 16, 2013 by ss
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The new luxury yacht Therapy, sold by Sanlorenzo Istanbul to an important Turkish entrepeneur, made her debut on the sea at the Viareggio marina, close the the Sanlorenzo Viareggio shipyard, in front of her satisfied owner who came from Turkey with his family and friends in order to celebrate the launch of his tailor-made jewel among the applause of the Sanlorenzo’s management and workers that personally contributed, in the recent year, to the building of his motoryacht.

Superyacht Therapy is a 4-deck vessel of 122 ft length that combines the timless Sanlorenzo lines to the evocative shape of the 1930s transatlantic liners, guaranteeing incomparable comfort and stability in her large inside and outside areas.

The luxurious interior of Therapy yacht reflects her owner’s choices and taste, in accordance with the made to measure tradition of Sanlorenzo since 1958: Therapy’s style is modern, essential and bright thanks to the opaque Canaletto walnut wood selected for the floorings and for the tailor-made furniture, further embellished by the white sand oak upholstery.

For the interior and exterior furniture choices, Sanlorenzo guided its client among the greatest Italian brands, such as Minotti, Ceccotti, Giorgetti, Roda, Paola Lenti and Flos which, once again, highlighted the owner’s attention to the best Made in Italy products.

As far as the stones onboard are concerned, the elegant shiny marble Maljat refinishes all the bathrooms, while the shiny black granite was chosen for the kitchen counters.

Sanlorenzo mixes superb craftsmanship and care for details with a constant technology innovation: Therapy was designed by the Sanlorenzo Technical Dept. in compliance with MCA “LY2” safety code, the international regulation that guarantees high standards of safety and stability.

Therapy yacht can accommodate up to 10 guests and a crew of 6 members.

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