News: Sanlorenzo launch seventh 38 m SD122 ALCHEMIST TOO Yacht

January 22, 2013 by ss
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Luxury yacht Alchemist Too made her debut on the sea in the presence of her owner and his family, came from Mexico for the occasion to celebrate the special event together with the Sanlorenzo owner and management, but also with the shipyard workers who contributed to her construction for about one year.

In line with its yachting tailoring tradition since 1958, Alchemist Too yacht is exclusively made-tomeasure according to the style and the requests of her owner, who chose for his Sanlorenzo a modern but comfortable and bright interior design.

The indoor flooring is finished in Canaletto chestnut, while the furnishing alternate whitened oak to white lacquered parts. The rest of the décor is by Minotti, a total look commissioned by the owner who is fond of the made-in-Italy interior design.

Precious marbles embellish the SD122 yacht Alchemist Too: for the bathrooms Crema Luna marble, while the kitchen is finished in Tabacco Brown marble.

Designed for the overseas market, Alchemist Too superyacht is equipped with 60 Hz electrical systems to meet the standards of North and Central America.

Regarding the outdoors, Alchemist Too yacht shows two important changes compared with the traditional Sanlorenzo SD122 models: the gym on the upper deck with a private bathroom and an innovative extension stern bathing platform that slides out to create a terrace of 2,20 m ideal for outdoor furnishing and a direct contact with the sea.

Sanlorenzo superyacht Alchemist Too can host on board 10 people and 6 crew members, captain included.

An unmistakable style and a sophisticated design place the Sanlorenzo motoryachts to the highest level of the international production, where the Italian Shipyard, in more than 50 years of history, has become the synonymous of excellence in terms of refinements and care of details which led it to be the third shipyard in the world according to the annual Global Order Book.

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