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News: Scanstrut Marine UV Monitor at METS

November 9, 2011 by Alex Lever
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Leading electronics expert Scanstrut Ltd will be unveiling its brand new, innovative UV-IQ UV Monitor at METS 2011. Aimed at marine enthusiasts, this unique device will help boaters manage their UV exposure and avoid accidental sunburn so they can enjoy their marine activities to the fullest.

Providing real-time monitoring and bold visual reports of current and cumulative UV levels, the new UV-IQ UV monitor updates every four seconds and displays current exposure levels using the World Health Organisations UV Index Scale, from zero to 11.

A graphic displays the cumulative exposure to UV, up to six hours, since the unit was activated. Daylight viewable LEDs can be seen from multiple angles and highlight the UV strength by changing from yellow to red.

Powered by a single solar panel, the monitor is self-sufficient, wireless and requires no power input. Being solar powered means that the user does not even have to turn it on, as it is automatically activated by exposure to the sunlight.

The reflection and scattering of UV rays off water can increase UV exposure by 25 per cent and even with overcast skies, 30 to 40 per cent of UV still penetrates through cloud cover. The Scanstrut UV-IQ UV Monitor is completely portable and can be placed on deck, on the cockpit table or the flybridge dash board. It is waterproof to IP67 and buoyant if dropped into the water.

Tom Reed, Managing Director of Scanstrut says, “Our new UV Monitor is technologically advanced and unique. We have created a clear and informative graphical user interface that aids the user with important, efficient data, helping people prevent sunburn so they can focus on enjoying their time out on the water.”

Perfect for sailing schools, racing crews, charter fleets and powerboat owners, the product will educate both adults and children alike.

The UV-IQ UV Monitor falls within the new Scanstrut Elements range, which has been created to help people make the most of their time on the water. Designed specifically with the marine environment in mind, it would be equally suited to many other outdoor pursuits. For further information, come along to stand 03.504 at METS.

METS Trade Show ● 15th – 17th November 2011 ● Stand 03.504

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