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News: Schopfer Yachts Introduces New Yacht Concept “Audax”

February 18, 2010 by Superyacht News
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A new yacht by the name of Audax has been built by the American company Schopfer Yachts. The yacht has managed to add a new feather in the cap of the company which already possesses a striking range of yachts to its credit.

The Oculus and the Infinitas are two chief and distinctive superyacht themes which have been designed by – E. Kevin Schopfer and are beyond 76.2m and 91.5 m in length. The company has also introduced a new design for a smaller superyacht – Audax, with 36.6 or 28m length, depending on the requirement. The company provides innovative designs for these kinds of yachts to make them noteworthy in their list of brands. The design of the Oculus which resembled the Killer Whale in its shape and feel has been the motivation for these new yachts.

The similar design and theme of the Oculus and Infinitas which marks stark white gracefully folded over black can be observed in the superstructure of Audax. There is a Tuna-Tower positioned in the main arch joined to Audax’s smooth, three-deck superstructure which makes it convenient for the owner to get a second control station and improved vision of the open waters.

The yacht is expected to cruise at a speed of 24 knots and reach a maximum of 30 knots speed depending on the model. The builders of 36m Audax have been highly acknowledged for their effort in incorporating a strong 2,800hp engine into a smaller superyacht which allows it to travel a range of 2500 nm.

Moreover, the sleek bow benefits in building a wider hull. It also includes spacious interiors designed around a central stairwell. The exclusive design has room for various toys like a stored RIB for chartered trips and two jet-skis stored centrally, each with its own hoist. The yacht can accommodate close to ten people in master suite, cabin and crew quarters. Besides its fellow and highly motivating designs, this new yacht has unexpectedly brought Schopfer Yacht designs to an altogether different level.

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